Is Finland at war?

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Right now, there is not any wars in Finland, but from year 2002 the Finnish people have joined the war in Afghanistan.
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How was Finland involved in World War 2?

Answer . \nFinland was an early victim of the massive Soviet aggression that preceded the major combat operations of WWII. Like just about every other nation that had geog

Was Finland involved in World War 1?

part of Finland in ww1 Though autonomic, during WW1 Finland was still part of Russia, and finnish army was part of the Russian army. After revolution in October 1917 Finland

Was Finland an Ally in world war 1?

Finland was not participating WW 1. Finland was part of Russia ( Grand Dutchy of Finland) enjoying wide autonomy during first years of WW 1. Finland was declared independent

What is russo-Finland war?

This is also known as the Winter War, since it was fought in winter (1939-1940). The Soviet Union attacked Finland to take it over, but Finland fought back hard enough that th

What side was Finland on in World War 2?

Finland acctually didn't want to participate in the world war but Russia attacked Finland because they needed the land for their own support so that they could have attacked s
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Why was there war between Soviet Union and Finland?

The Soviet Union wanted to secure bases in Finland so they would be able to defend their own country in case of a Nazi invasion. Also, Finland was a known supporter of the Axi
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Has there ever been a war in Finland?

Finland has been part of many wars. In the many disputes between Sweden and Russia, Finland was usually the battleground. Later, in WW2 Finland itself was attacked and foughtR
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What wars was Finland a part of?

In 1939, Germany invaded Poland, which triggered the start of WorldWar II. While France and England were focused on fighting Germany(and ironically did very little actual figh