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yes, it stands for Graphic Interchange Format.

The files in the gif format have the .gif extension.
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What does GIF stand for?

When referring to .gif images, the gif stands for Graphic, or Graphics Interchange Format.

Where can you get a celebrity gif?

Celebrity gifs are available on many websites. Gifs are digitalimages that can also contain short videos. There are many gifs ofpopular models.

What is an animated GIF?

An animated GIF is a type of image that displays motion. It does this by taking several different images and switching between them in "frames." A reference animated GIF is li

Who invented the gif?

The gif, or Graphics Interchange Format, was invented by SteveWilhite while he worked at CompuServe in 1987. It is supposed to bepronounced "Jiff", like the peanut butter.

What does the Gif in gif image stand for?

.gif image stands for = Graphics Interchange Format. .png images are for = Portable Network Graphics. .jpeg or jpg are for = Joint Photographic Experts Group or Joint Phot

What does a gif do?

A GIF does the same as a JPEG just uses less space and can be used in different programs

What is the usage of gif?

usually for company's logos and graphics with less then 256 colors,.gif support transparency but can display only 256 colors

How are GIFs made?

A gif or Graphics Interchange Format file can be made with any of a great number of image manipulation programs. The format supports up to 8 bits per pixel thus allowing a si
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What GIF is?

Graphics interchange format

What rhymes with gifs?

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