Is Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures Real?

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Who's to say that it is not.
It could be a figment of our imagination or really unexplainable
the lines are not scripted like operation repo or the Blair witch project
perhaps, like me you visit so-called haunted places and experiment for yourself
there is somethings we just don't know scientifically
believe me... i know

I would tend to believe Ghost Adventures more than I would believe TAPS. Grant Wilson of TAPS (Ghost Hunters) got caught red handed trying to make it appear that a spirit had tugged really hard on the back of his jacket. It was actually fishing wire he had attached to the inside of his jacket and down his right sleeve, so that when he straightened out his right arm, his collar would magically move. I used to have a lot of respect for Grant, but he lost me with this blatant attempt to fabricate evidence.
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Is Ghost Hunters real?

^^^Well yes its real and they don't't mean to exaggerate on some of the drama because I'm sure if you were scared you would be dramatic too. it's is real even though it's

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Yes, its all real However, they aren't really making contact with spirits of deceased persons. The dead cannot communicate with the living. However, demons can and will im

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real Additional answers: . If they are faking, it will be tough to catch because they control their own media "evidence". . If they were ever caught, it would destroy

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Ghost adventures get better evidence. Why? because they go to more scarier places like the mental hospital and the prison where there's more paranormal activities. Instead of

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Ghost Hunters is an entertaining television program. But one should not mistake everything seen on television, even on so-called Reality TV, for actual reality.