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No, Google Earth Pro is the paid professional version that costs $399 per year.

It does have a free 7-day trial period to use and evaluate after which you need to convert trial license into full license.

Note that Pro and free version both use the same high-resolution imagery.
*UPDATE* as of Jan 30, 2015 Google made Google Earth Pro available for free. Login with your email address and the license key GEPFREE and that's it.
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What is Google Earth?

Google Earth allows you to explore planet Earth like never  before, letting you see the world's geography including land masses  and formations, countries and cities and so

How do you go on Google Earth with Google installer?

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Is downloading Google Earth free and safe?

Google Earth is free for personal use as long as you don't want the "deluxe version" (which can be brought on the Google web site). Google Earth is absolutely safe, it is from

Is Google Earth part of Google?

yes, Google Earth is a Google product with both a free and commercial/enterprise version.

How to download Google Earth and Google Maps?

1. Google maps You don't download google maps. Just go to google web site and in the top right hand corner click on maps. Or click on google maps URL in related links. 2.

What is the best free Google Earth to download?

  There is only one free version of Google Earth, so that'd be the best one out there.     In total are only two versions of Google Earth: the free version, and the

Where could one download a copy of Google Earth for free?

Google Earth may be downloaded for free on the official homepage. It is available for use for free through Google's website. One may access the application and use it as much

Free Google Earth download for Windows XP?

Yes the GE application comes in a free version. Download link in related links section.

Where can I download full version of Google Earth 5 for free?

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Is there a free use of Google earth?

I guess it is free to use however, you cannot distribute it on your own. In free version you cannot integrate your GIS data but there are another versions like Google Earth pr

How can you get Google Earth free without getting chrome?

Go to earth.google.com and click the download button. It should  download and install Google Earth.    Additionally    To unbundle Google's chrome web browser y

Where can one download Google Earth free version safely?

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How do you get Google Earth?

Google Earth can be downloaded from Google.    See related links section below. If can't find URL in related links  then enter: "download google earth" in a search eng

Why is Google Earth Pro so expensive?

Because it is high quality. The name says it all. This is meant for  cartographers,geographical studies, explorers and teachers. It also  enables people to see places it is