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No, Google Earth Pro is the paid professional version that costs $399 per year.

It does have a free 7-day trial period to use and evaluate after which you need to convert trial license into full license.

Note that Pro and free version both use the same high-resolution imagery.
*UPDATE* as of Jan 30, 2015 Google made Google Earth Pro available for free. Login with your email address and the license key GEPFREE and that's it.
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How do you patch Google Earth Pro?

You can "patch" Google Earth Pro by downloading and upgrading to the latest Pro version. If you have a license for Pro then the license is not tied to a particular version. Go

Is downloading Google Earth free?

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What is the difference between Google Earth and Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro is the professional version of Google Earth with advanced features for business users. Google Earth Pro has following improvements over the free version:

Can you get Google earth for free?

You can download the free version of Google Earth at the site in related links.

Is Google earth 3d free?

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Is Google Earth Plugin free?

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Is there a free trial version of Google Earth Pro?

You can freely download Google Earth Pro then apply for a triallicense. UPDATE: You had to pay for Google Earth Pro up until 2015 but now it isfree. No more license needed.

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How do you know my Google earth is pro?

You can install and run both the free version and Pro version on your machine. In fact they both share the same saved places file. When you run Google Earth Pro the window