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there is a Gregory Hart in RI that recently passed away of a heart attack. approx age mid 50's check The Westerly Sun newspaper for the obit
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When was rhode island?

Rhode Island became a united colony in 1644. It declared independence from Britain on May 4, 1776, the first colony to do so. RI was the last of the original 13 colonies to be admitted to the union, doing so on May 29, 1790.

Why is Rhode Island called Rhode Island?

The state known as Rhode Island official name is The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. It was named Rhode Island after the Native American's who had lived there. The name Providence Plantation comes in from when parts of the state of Massachusetts.

Where is Rhode Island?

The state of Rhode Island is in the northeastern part of the UnitedStates, in an area of the country known as New England. Connecticutis to the west, and Massachusetts is to the north and east.Directly to the south is the Atlantic Ocean, while the easternmosttip of Long Island (part of New York Stat (MORE)

Where is Hart Island?

It's on the western end of the Long Island Sound. However it's technically part of the Bronx.

Who lived in the Rhode Island colony?

The people that lived in the Rhode Island colony were essentiallythe rejects of other colonies. They wanted religious freedom. RogerWilliams headed this colony.

In prehistoric times what creatures lived you Rhode Island?

If you limit the time to the formation of Narragansett Bay at the end of the last ice age (about 12,000 years ago) some of the animals living in Rhode Island might have included: Short-faced bears Dire wolves Stag moose Sea mink Caribou Lynx Fisher cats Various kinds of seals Sma (MORE)

How long do Rhode Island Reds live?

A well cared for Rhode Island Red can reach 10 to 12 years old barring disease or lack of a KFC when the farmers family gets hungry or they have company coming for Sunday dinner.

What types of people live in Rhode Island?

Good people and bad people. Generous people and selfish people. Obese people and skinny people. Bright people and dull people. Neat people and messy people. Loving people and unlovable people. Law abiding people and criminal people. Young people and old people. Happy people and sad p (MORE)

Is Gregory Hines still living?

No. He died at age 57. Gregory Oliver Hines, American dancer, actor, singer, andchoreographer, was born February 14, 1946, in New York City, NY anddied August 9, 2003, in Los Angeles, CA. He had been married toPamela Koslow (m. 1981-2000).

Why live in Rhode Island colony?

because of it's booming economy. . shipbuilding was the main trade . fishing was good, as the Atlantic ocean was close by . trading was good, so long as you had what the natives wanted . growing corn was beneficial in new England

How old does rhode island red live?

we had one which was 12 years old but im sure there have been some older. hens laying abilities and the males fertility tend to go down after 3 or 4 years.

Why do people live in Rhode Island?

People live in Rhode Island for many reasons. They have a very lowcrime rate compared to many other states and the schools have highratings. It is also one of the cleanest states in the US.

At what age can a child decide were she wants to live in rhode island?

Technically the child has no right to decide until reaching the age of majority (18), at which point they're no longer a child. Only Indiana and Texas have laws setting out a specific age at which a child can make a choice, and even than there are some limitations. With those states, it is age 14. (MORE)

Is Rhode Island colony a good place to live?

NEW ANSWER: The colony of Rhode Island was a very good colony to live in, if you wanted to worship the way you wanted without any interference from others of a different religion, or any problems from the government. Also, it was a prosperous colony, although not the biggest in territory or popul (MORE)

Are there houses on the islands of Rhode Island?

There are many smaller islands that help make up the state, many of which have only abandoned forts, if any structures at all on them. However, there are also larger islands which are very much inhabited, most notably Aquidneck Island (contains the towns of Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth), Cona (MORE)

Do griffins live in Rhode Island?

If you mean characters like peter griffin and all that then in a tv world Yes,but if you mean REAL Griffins umm i dont think griffins are real but if they were i dont think they woould live at Rhode island

How do Rhode Islanders make a living?

Some produce cups made from the skin of the rare Rhode Island licking turtle, then the others catch these turtles for cup productions. I personally like the purses made of turtle skins, but most people feel it is a waste of the Rhode Island Licking Turtle species.

What is the Legal age for a child to decide which parent to live with in the state of Rhode Island?

The "age of majority" (or the age when the child can make that decision on their own without court intervention) is 18 in Rhode Island. However, almost all states, Rhode Island included, allow the child, a parent, guardian ad litem or attorney acting on their behalf, to write to the judge and/or (MORE)

What is the age a child can choose the divorced parent he wants to live with in the state of Rhode Island?

In strict terms, a child cannot make a decision regarding his or her living arrangements. It is the duty of the parents and in some cases, the courts to decide where a minor child should live until the age of eighteen. In practical terms, the older the child, the ore weight his or her opinion will (MORE)