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Is Hand Clasping a dominant or recessive trait?

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If you clasp your hand with your left thumb over your right, this is a dominant (more common) way of doing so. People who clasp their hands with their right thumb on top have the recessive genes. Left hand on top- Ll or LL right hand on top- ll
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Information on hand clasping genetic traits?

Well there are some genetic traits controlled by a couple of alleles (hand calsping, tongue rolling, ear lobe attachment, etc.). and there are other controlled by many alleles

Is it possible to have a dominant recessive trait?

no, because dominant is different from recessive, its impossible to have a dominant-recessive trait because the dominant is when only one copy of the gene is present, while in

Dominant recessive traits in humans?

1. freckles: dominant no freckles: recessive 2. dark eyes: dominant light eyes: recessive 3. free earlobe:dominant attached earlbe: recessive 4. polydactilism (6 fingers

How are dominant and recessive traits the same?

they are the same because the are both genes, the only difference is if you have a dominent and a recessive gene the dominante will trumph the recessive gene

If you are right-handed is that a recessive trait or dominant trait?

It is not genetic, shown by the fact that a good percentage of identical twins are differently handed. actually, right handed people have the dominant trait. So if you are l

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At this point, no one can say for certain that autism is even a genetic trait, as the causes are not fully known or understood. There are certainly some genetic factors tha
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What is meant by dominant and recessive traits?

First of all alleles code for different traits all across an organism. Simply looking at it, a dominant allele is a trait that essentially "dominates" or is expressed over a r