Is I phone 5 coming out?

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Of course it is! Has ipod stopped with any of their overpriced upgrades yet? :p
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What comes after 5?

Everybody in the world probely thinks that the answer is 6, but that is false. The question is "what comes "after" 5." There are infident numbers that come after five such as

Why 5 in middle of cell phone?

No technical reason. Mathematically arranging numbers 1 to 9 in three rows of three just happens to have five in middle of middle row ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Why is there a bump on number 5 of phones?

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Where did phone come from?

Because your categories suggest iPhone, the iPhone "came from" Apple. The original has been in designing for years and was not released until summer 2007. Considering you kno

Is there an phone 5 coming?

Yes. The iPhone 5 already launched September 21, 2012. You forhot the "i" in front of the "phone" in your question, but Ican safely assume you meant iPhone 5.
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How can you get a free i Phone 5?

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