Is I phone 5 coming out?

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Of course it is! Has ipod stopped with any of their overpriced upgrades yet? :p
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Does a phone come with unlimited text?

Generally a phone will come with a battery and charger, its the contract agreement with the service provider which determines how many (free) text messages you will be able to send, some providers will offer unlimited texts for a set fee each month

What comes after 5?

Everybody in the world probely thinks that the answer is 6, but that is false. The question is "what comes "after" 5." There are infident numbers that come after five such as 5.1 and so on, so the answer would be infinite. I ask people this question all of the time, but they never have the correct a (MORE)

How do you make a phone come on?

press and hold the end button. the end button is usually red. if the phone has battery life and you hold the end button it will turn on

When is the PSP phone coming out?

That somewhat is already out because if you have the second psp it has skype and that is a phone on your psp but you need a microphone and skype credits witch cost money. Ok the psp go has a microphone, and the sony psp phone will have touch screen. 1ghz pros and run android software. on a lighte (MORE)

What comes up in a phone bill?

Different companies have different things show up on their bill. Itis best to ask the server provider what shows on their bills.

What is Cat 5 phone wire?

"Cat 5" is shorthand for "Category 5 Cable", a type of UTP (unshielded twisted pair) wire meeting certain performance characteristics.

Why 5 in middle of cell phone?

No technical reason. Mathematically arranging numbers 1 to 9 in three rows of three just happens to have five in middle of middle row ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

When is gta 5 coming out for ps3?

This information is unknown at the moment (July 2010). The best way to keep updated on new games is to join one of the many game sites and forums. If you join gamespot for example, they will email you regular newsletters.

Why is there a bump on number 5 of phones?

To help blind people - it acts as a guide for them as no. 5 is in the middle of the numbers so from there they can work out where the other numbers are. It also helps busy receptionists to dial without looking, much like touch-key adding machines.

Will a PlayStation phone be going to come out?

No Playstation is a Video Game console and the Sony Phone has a different name called Ericsson. They do have a phone Sony Xperia Play and some articles call it a PlayStation Phone. The Xperia Play is a sleek new smartphone plus portable gaming device see related link I guess you could call it (MORE)

Where did phone come from?

Because your categories suggest iPhone, the iPhone "came from" Apple. The original has been in designing for years and was not released until summer 2007. Considering you know where the phone came from, you can now do additional Apple research to find out more.

Do phone skins come of?

Yes but if it comes of wont it be sticky like taking off a sticker? so if it WILL come off then it would be sticcky wouldnt ut

Is the pear phone going to come out?

No. The pear phone is not real. Pear phones appear in some TV shows, as do laptops with a pear logo on them. These are actually made to look like iPhones and Apple Macs, though they are not. Because if the TV show use the real product, they are endorsing and advertising that product in their s (MORE)

Is there an phone 5 coming?

Yes. The iPhone 5 already launched September 21, 2012. You forhot the "i" in front of the "phone" in your question, but Ican safely assume you meant iPhone 5.

How tall is the you phone 5?

Fifty feet. The iPhone 5, on the other hand, is 123.8 mm (4.87") in height, 58.6 mm (2.31") in width and 7.6 mm (0.3") in depth. If you're asking about the screen itself, it's 4" diagonal and has a resolution of 1136x640 pixels.

What is the feature for i Phone 5?

The iPhone 5 has many features. Here are the top 5 . new taller thinner design . 4G LTE . new dock connector . fast A6 processor . new saphire low-light back-facing camera/ HD front-facingcamera

What is better an iphone 5 or a htc phone?

It depends on what you want for a phone. The iPhone 5 is fluid and has a lot more applications in the AppStore. The HTC phones allow you to personalize your homescreen and have a unique user experience.

How can you get a free i Phone 5?

I have the honor to show you how to get a free iPhone 5! Here at Free iPhone 5 you will soon have the chance to get your hands on a brand new iPhone 5 for free . .. Or ANY Apple product you want for free like the iPad, iPod, iMac, iPhone 4S and many others! Remember to complete the offer (MORE)

What is the best phone between blackberry z10 and you phone 5?

BlackBerry's Z10; A revolutionary new operating system, using software that is usedfor sports cars, the space shuttle, etc. It uses apps of its ownand also can sideload the Android Jelly bean apps. It comes bundledwith lots of free pre-loaded features; Flash Player and Player forPower Point slide sh (MORE)

How do you block a phone number on iphone 5?

You are not able to block any phone number manually from any cell phone. You could call your cell phone carrier and ask them to block the phone number for you. You can also put the contact you wish to ignore in a ignore list where your phone will not ring or vibrate when they try to call or text you (MORE)

Why does the music come on when the phone is off?

Depends on if the phone is really turned off. It could be an alarmyou set or if the phone really isn't off but only the screen is offmaybe it's a notification you set when you get an email or otheralert. It also depends on if it's a smart phone or a dumbphone orthe brand and model it is. There are m (MORE)

Is the galaxy better the the you phone 5?

The specs are better. The Samsung galaxy tab is bigger, and has pretty much the same screen res. The Iphone 5 is thin and long (matter of preference as to whether or not you like that feature). It is fast and imo has a great operating system. It really comes down to operating system and compatibi (MORE)

What is the top 5 future Cell phones?

The cell phone technology continues to progress with new technologies being studied. The top 5 future cell phones include The Super Smart Phone, Carrier-free iPhone, The Nintendo Phone, and The Facebook Phone.

When are new Verizon phones coming out?

New Verizon phones are always coming onto the market. The latest one's came out on June 6th 2013. One can get the latest models from them including the BlackBerry Z10 and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

When did Virgin mobile phone come out?

Virgin mobile phone came out in the 1990s. Virgin mobile phone is the subsidiary of the Virgin Group that has more than 400 companies in the world. The company is owned by Richard Branson.

Is the Nexus 5 a good phone?

If you want a phone that has with it a "pure Android" experience, meaning one where there is no carrier and/or manufacturer apps and custom inferfaces, can be easily modified or be used as a developer phone, be the first to receive OS updates, have flagship-level hardware (when it was released), min (MORE)