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Is Idaho racist?

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Idaho is not racist. But a little bit of research reveals that quite a few racist groups thrive there.
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Where is Idaho?

Idaho is in the Northwestern United States. It is bordered byCanada on the north. Montana and Wyoming on the east. Nevada andUtah on the south, and Oregon and Washington on th

What is racist?

To be specific, a racist is someone who believes that a certain race, colour, nationality etc is inferior to themselves or their race, colour or nationality. If someone acts l

What is a racist?

Racism: A belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits andcapacities and that racial differences produce an inherentsuperiority of a particular race Racial p

Who are racist?

Anyone who chooses to have intolerance, forming their opinion of someone based on a stereotype of certain races, cultures, and/or religions is a racists. - Ku Klux Klan - Neo

How do you get to Idaho?

Boise is one of the most remote cities in the US so it is not easy to get to and it is a city that really has no other city even relatively close/ Trey

How can you not be racist?

Here are some ways to try to reduce racism in yourself. 1. Remember that a lot of what seems like racial differences are really differences related to social class. When mo

Do all racists know they are racist?

well when you descriminate and call racist names you just might figure it out Well you are right but a tiny smidge is wrong so you might want to look at that now
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Who are we racist to?

You are only racist if you are against a different race than you are.
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What if you are racist?

Well then keep it to yourself because, it's rude to express thosethoughts. Even if you think it's true, not everyone is the same, soyou cant judge based on skin or ethnicity.