Is Italian and British the same?

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no it is not. Italian is a person/something from italy, British is from Britain.
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Are Romance and Italian the same language?

Romance or Proto-Romance is a language just in the middle of Latin and Romance Languages. They can have many similarities, but it's really hard to talk about them, inasmuch as

What is 'British' in Italian?

Britannico is an Italian equivalent of 'British'. It's a masculine adjective that's pronounced 'bree-TAH-nee-koh'. The feminine form is 'britannica', which is pronounced 'bre

What is 'same' in Italian?

Stesso is an Italian equivalent of 'same'. It's pronounced 'STEHS-soh'. It's the masculine form of an adjective. The feminine form, 'stessa' , is pronounced 'STEHS-sah'.

What is 'You feel the same' in Italian?

'Provi lo stesso' is an Italian equivalent of 'You feel the same'. The verb 'provi' means '[you] are feeling, do feel, feel'. The masculine singular definite article 'l

What is the Italian translation of 'the same'?

Lo stesso in the masculine and la stessa in the feminine are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "the same." Specifically, the masculine definite article lo and t

Is Roman language the same as Italian?

Today, yes. All Romans speak Italian today, its their national language. In ancient times the Romans spoke Latin, and modern Italian is, like all the other Romance languages,

What is the Italian translation of 'Same with you'?

Lo stesso con te is a literal Italian equivalent of the English phrase "Same with you." Specifically, the masculine singular definite article lo means "the." The masculin

What is the Italian translation of 'We have the same name'?

Abbiamo lo stesso nome is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "We have the same name." Specifically, the verb abbiamo means "(we) are having, do have, have.
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Are Italians the same as yugoslavians?

No. Italians are Italian, and there is no such thing as a Yugoslavian. The people that were part of the former country of Yugoslavia, are : Bosnian, Macedonian, Croatian, Serb

Is spanish the same language as italian?

No but they are very similar, for they stemmed from Latin. Most European languages are similar in some ways. Here is an example of Spanish being like Italian 8 in Spanish