Is Jasc 'Paint Shop Pro' software for editing photographs?

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How do you download fonts into Paint Shop Pro 9?

Answer . Paint Shop Pro will utilize any of the fonts installed (properly) on your machine. In Windows, for example, you typically store font files in the C:\WINDOWS\Fonts folder... and PSP will find them. If you've installed a new font on your system and PSP doesn't "read" it, try rebooting.

What is Cool Edit Pro?

cool edit pro is an audio recording and editing software program, originally marketed by a company called Syntrylliam. Adobe has since purchased the program and all the rights to the program, and now sell it as "Adobe Audition". you can also use it to record vocals over music. you can either buy it (MORE)

How do I register Paint Shop Pro 9 now that Jasc no longer supports the software?

The simple answer is, you don't. When JASC sold its Paint Shop Pro product name to Corel, a lot of us jumped ship and stuck with what was - and still is in many computer artist's opinions - one of, if not "the" best program of its type. Corel dropped the nomenclature "Paint Shop Pro" after one (MORE)

How do you download fonts for Paint Shop Pro?

To download fonts for Corel Paint Shop Pro you can go to any of your favorite font websites and download the font you like. Most downloads are compressed in a zipped format. You will need to extract the font from the compressed zip file. I will take you through the steps of this. . Open the compr (MORE)

Will Photoshop brushes work on Paint Shop Pro?

Yes and no. You can not import a Photoshop brush directly into Paint Shop Pro, but there is a way around it, though it evolves a lot of work. Download ABR VIEWER ( and install it. Open a .abr brush into it (that's a Photoshop Brush) and Export as thumbnails. O (MORE)

How do you change eye color on Corel Paint Shop Pro?

Right under the airbrush/paintbrush is a drop down menu of tools.. pick 'Change to Target' you will need to make the brush as big as the eye [or smaller] pick a color on your toolbar. then click on the eye and color it in if it is way to dramatic lower the opacity. [at the top of the toolbars]. (MORE)

What is Paint Shop Pro?

Paint Shop Pro is an image manipulation software utility. It usually comes with several different `filters' (effects capabilities, etc) and effects to allow you to do some very interesting things to your picture files. Best thing to do is look it up on the 'net to get the full details.. - To sta (MORE)

Where can i get Free Paint shop pro?

You can not get Paint Shop Pro for free in less it's at a yard sale or someone gives it to you. If you see advertisements for Free Pant shop Pro's , it's either a cracked program or full of viruses. If you need any more answers just tweet me on @LuvShawtyBiebz

Is there any way to make sections of pictures through corel paint shop pro black and white but leave some coloured?

Bring your picture up in PSP make a duplicate (Shift+D) close the original so you wont edit it. Now lets just say that you have a picture of a person with a blue hat on and you want to keep the blue hat in colour and the rest of the picture black and white. Click on Layers - Promote Background (MORE)

What is better photo shop or coral paint shop pro X2?

Well I use Photo Shop Cs3 & Jasc Paint Shop Pro. I like JPSP better.. - I use both Paint Shop Pro Photo and Photoshop. The Paint Shop Pro versions I've used are verion 5 up to the current X2. Photoshop I have used versions 7 up to the current CS3 - CS4. Each program has its own special features, an (MORE)

Can you paint over a photograph?

Acrylic would be a poor choice for painting over a photo if youwant to maintain its integrity, because acrylics are opaque. Also,the paint may damage the photo. You can buy special oil paints forhand-coloring photographs. (Neither acrylics nor oil paints are inherently opaque nortranparent. The pig (MORE)

How do you change you paint brush color on corel paint shop pro x?

In Paint Shop Pro make sure your Materials Pallet is open. The default location of the layers pallet would be on the right side of your workspace. If it is not open go to View, Pallets, and put a check next to Materials. Doing this will now activate the Materials Pallet, and it should be loaded on t (MORE)

Is better or is Paint Shop Pro better?

May be paint shop pro have certain better features. But why to pay for a software when you get almost equally competent substitute free. Add the plugins to and it gets all the features of a professional photo editor. Paint Shop Pro in my opinion is much better than For PSP you (MORE)

How do you activate paint shop pro 9?

buy it The above assumes that it is a straight forward process if you have legal rights to the software. Therefore the above is an abysmally poor answer. I have the original Order Number etc. i.e from my purchase invoice Paint Shop Pro Photo Here is your Purchase serial number and Activation C (MORE)

How do you change hair color on Corel Paint Shop Pro?

Below steps will help to change hair color which will look very natural with the help of Corel Paint Shop Pro : . Open image for which want to edit hair color . Choose icon "Freehand Selection Tool" from the editing tool bar with selection type "Point to Point". . Select hair in the photo with (MORE)

Where can you find paint shop pro help?

You can find several great websites on the Internet that offers PSP tutorials, tips, and help on using the Paint Shop Pro program. I would do a search in your favorite browser for Paint Shop Pro Tutorials or PSP X2 Tutorials. You can try these search terms Paint Shop Pro Photo Tutorials, PSP Tube Tu (MORE)

How do you deselect a paint shop pro tool?

all people that doesn't know the answer have stopped using Corel PaintShop pro. Why corel didn't follow guideline is a mistery. ESC for cancelling a selection would have been normal and CTRL-Y would have been nice to be used the way Microsoft intended it from the start (opposite of CTRL-Z) Corel us (MORE)

Where can you buy Corel Paint Shop Pro 9 online? OOPs that is X2 (a newer version - 12, I think -) Amazon may have the older version:

What is Paint shop pro all about?

Paint shop pro is a powerful photo-editing tool can be used to edit images. It was originally published by Jasc Software and is currently available for the Windows OS.

Who founded the JASC Software company?

A man by the name Robert Voit founded the JASC Software company. The company was based in Eden Prairie, MN.Robert Voit was the creator of Paint Shop Pro. JASC stands for Just Another Software Company.

Where can one download paint shop pro for free?

One can download paint shop pro for free from a few different sources however most are not legal. The program is almost completely commercial now and you have to pay for owning it. If you want an older version these can be found for free since Versions 1.0 through 4.12 were distributed as freeware.

Where can one purchase Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8?

Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 can be purchased at many retailers. It can be purchased at the following retailers: Amazon, eBay, and various other retailers that sell computer software products.

Where can a free download of Corel Paint Shop Pro be obtained?

Their are several sites that allow you to download software for free including Coral Paint Shop Pro. Please check to make sure what you are downloading is legitimate and is not an illegal downloaded copy or pirate copy. If unsure please contact the manufactures to check.