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Kal Penn was mugged in Dupont Center in DC in early 2010, a district known to have many gay bars. He has also been at gay bars in the East Village in New York. Make of it what you will - gay, bi, whatever. He doesn't seem to make a big deal about his sexuality so it's not really important.
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Why did Kal Penn leave House?

Kal Penn (Kutner), left the show House to work at the White House! He is going to. be the associate director of public liaison in the White House office for Obama.

Is kal penn really dead?

Kal Penn, star of the Harold and Kumar movies, is not dead. His character on the series "House" -- Dr. Kutner -- unexpectedly committed suicide in the show's 5th season (A

How old is Kal Penn?

Kalpen Modi, aka Kal Penn is 40 years old (birthdate: April 23, 1977).

Is Kal Penn dating?

At this moment in time, Kal Penn is currently single. But who knows in the near futre?

What does Kal Penn do at the White House?

In 2006, actor Kal Penn was appointed to a position with BarackObama's White House Office of Public Liaison (Office of PublicEngagements) as the " Associate Director of Public

Does Kal Penn work for Obama?

US actor Kal Penn (born Kalpen Modi ) left the TV series House in April 2009 to become an associate director for theWhite House Office of Public Engagement in the ObamaAdmin
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What movies has Kal Penn starred in?

American actor Kal Penn has starred in various films. Films starring Penn include "Dude, Where's the Party?", "Ball & Chain", and "Epic Movie". Penn is most recognized, howeve