Is Laos a communist country today?

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No Laos is not!

Before 1986 Laos was ruled on bureaucratic Stalinist line. That means that a small bureaucracy rules the nation. That burecuracy is under the control of the leadership of a communist party. Western anticommunist historians call nations with a ''communist party'' leadership ( like China, the USSR and Laos ) ''communist''. But that is pure propaganda to turn people against communism. Because a communist society cannot have a state, communism is anti-state and anti-elitism. Stalinist Laos was the opposite of a communist society.

The Laos Stalinist bureaucracy never claimed they were communist. They called their nation socialist ( a period between capitalism and communism ). Again it were western history makers who called Laos'' communist''.

Today Laos is capitalist. The free market is ruling again. Capitalists can own workers and get all the profits. The former Stalinist state is still there, but it has no meaning any more. That is why the Laos emblem was changed in 1990. The communist symbols were removed from the national emblem, to show the world that Laos had opened for capitalism.
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