Is Libya east or west of Egypt?

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Why does the earth rotate west to east and not east to west?

Because this is just the way it is. Also it may be affected by the sun's gravity hold. Well, there is a reason and we cannot just give in and say it is the way nature wanted it. There is a reason for all that occurs in nature. First, one needs to understand how Earth came about. Many theories a (MORE)

What is west of Egypt?

West of Egypt is The Western Desert covers about 700,000 square kilometres and accounts for about two-thirds of Egypt's land area. It spans from the Mediterranean Sea south to the Sudanese border and from the Nile River Valley west to the Libyan border.

What sea is west of Egypt?

There is no sea west of Egypt.. The Red Sea is to the East, and the Mediterranean is to the North.. To the west of Egypt is the Sahara desert which goes all the way to the Atlantic ocean.

Was sumer west of egypt?

Ancient Sumer was east of Egypt. The two countries were separatedby the Red Sea and the Arabian desert.

Does Venus rotate east to west or west to east?

From East to West, it is the only planet in our solar system to do so. All the others rotate West to East. Comments: That's not quite true. Uranus is another one. Here's a bit of pedantry: It depends how you define the North pole of a planet. There are two ways to do that, unfortunately. On on (MORE)

Is Egypt is the east or west?

Depends on your location of reference, since the world is round it's actually both ways. If you head East you'll reach it, as well as heading West you will reach it as well. Historically The West being North America and Asia/Australia being East. So if your located in the America then Egypt is Eas (MORE)

What body of water lies east of Egypt and west of the Sinai Peninsula?

The following five (5) bodies of water lie between Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula. . The Gulf of Suez (by far the most prominent). . The Suez Canal (linking the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Suez) . The Great Bitter Lake (Joining the north and south portions of the Suez Canal) . The Sm (MORE)

Is Egypt in the Middle East?

Yes . And no. Geographically, Egypt is in Africa, i.e. not in the Middle East. Politically and socially, Egypt is very much a Middle Eastern country.

Which planets rotate from west to east and which rotate from east to west?

All of the planets orbit the Sun in a counterclockwise direction, as seen from above the Earth's north pole. However, only 6 of the 8 planets rotate counterclockwise (spin west to east). The 2 exceptions are Venus and Uranus. -- The planet Venus rotates very slowly clockwise. One suspected reason (MORE)

Do weather patterns move from west to east or from east to west?

Weather patterns usually move from west to east. Winds from the west, known as the prevailing westerlies, dominate at mid-latitudes, so a wind blowing all the way from Ireland to the U.S. East Coast is highly unlikely. That said, the global wind pattern is from the east at tropical latitudes from th (MORE)

Is Egypt west of Greece?

No, south west . . Not really, Egypt is south east of Greece. Please, both of you, look at a map.

Does wind flow east to west or west to east?

The jet stream (high altitude wind) travels from west to east. Ground level winds are more dependent on surface temperatures. However, there is a general trend of west to east in most areas.

Does the moon orbit earth from the east to west or west to east?

This is one of the best questions to highlight the difference between true motion and apparent motion. The moon orbits the earth (the moon's true motion) from west to east; it moves anti-clockwise when observed from the north. The reason its apparent motion (rising in the east and setting in the wes (MORE)

Which one does not belong Kenya-Libya-Egypt-Zaire?

It is not patently obvious which one of the four does not belong because each could be the answer for the following reasons: Kenya: It is the only stable democracy out of the four. Libya: It was the only area colonized by the Italians out of the four. Egypt: It has the largest population of (MORE)

Where is West Virginia east or west?

If you mean what side of America it is on, it's in the eastern part of the country. It's surrounded by Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

How many square feet is Egypt bigger than libya?

The area of Egypt in square miles is 387,048 square miles, or 2,043,613,440 square feet. The area of Libya is 679,359 square miles, or 3,587,015,520 square feet. If you subtract the are of Egypt from the area of Libya, you can find that Libya is actually 1,543,402,080 square feet larger than than E (MORE)

Is Libya part of the middle east?

Libya is on the north coast of Africa. i.e. technically it's Northern Africa. It is not a part of the traditional definition of the Middle East, but a part of the Greater Middle East. Note, Lybia's northern border is the Mediterranean Ocean so one could say it is a ""Mediterranean" country.

What desert is east of Egypt?

There are no deserts to the east of Egypt. Egypt is bounded by the Red Sea from the East. The Egyptian desert is part of the sahara desert. The portion of the desert east of the Nile is called the Eastern Desert and the portion to the west of the Nile is called the Western Desert. There is also the (MORE)

Who is richer Libya or Egypt?

Libya because libya produces more oil than qatar but qatar are clever they know how to use there money well and libya dosent and qatar is one of the rishest country in the world and libya earn more than them so that means libya is richer that eygpt

Is it longer on a sailboat going east to west or west to east?

Wind direction and the water's current direction are important, not the compass direction. Assume your sailboat is travelling west to east, around Cape Horn (the bottom of South America.) This means that you will be going from the Pacific Ocean, around the tip of South America, and on into to the A (MORE)

What are the causes of the Egypt-Libya Sand Wars?

Egypt and Libya had at one point been on fairly good terms, as both enjoyed Soviet support in the ongoing Arab-Israeli Conflict. After the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, (in which Libya and Egypt were allies), Egypt turned toward the West, ejected their Soviet advisors, and became friendlier with the United (MORE)