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Is Linda Ronstadt still alive?

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yes she is still alive
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Is Linda Blair still alive?

Linda Blair is still alive today, and still moving on with her career as an actrice. And Linda Blair did not go crazy after doing the movie "The Exorcist". People only made

How old is Linda Ronstadt?

Linda Ronstadt is 70 years old (birthdate: July 15, 1946).

Is linda ronstadt really retired?

April 11, 2011 Linda Ronstadt stated in The Arizona newspaper interview that she is 100% retired. And added that her voice is no longer powerful, or worthy of asking people fo

Linda ronstadt ever married?

NO She never married. But she's been romantically involved with George Lucas, Jerry Brown and other well-known men.

How did linda ronstadt get famous?

THERE'S NOT ROOM TO LIST THE BODY OF WORK BY THIS WOMAN In total, she has released over 30 solo albums, more than 15 compilations or greatest hits albums. Ronstadt has chart

Is linda mcmahan still alive?

There seem to be several linda mcmahan's around but I'll only speak for myself. I seem to still be alive.

Is Linda Ronstadt sick?

  Nope   There's no reason to think so -- she's lined up to perform at a couple of festivals in the coming months. 

Is linda ronstadt of spanish decent?

She_is_of_Mexican_decent_not_Spanish.">She is of Mexican decent not Spanish. Linda in is part of Mexican decent 87½ % European "German, English, and Dutch" from father & mo

Is linda bove still alive?

I was looking for this same answer a while ago. About a year ago, it was posted on another website that in fact, Linda Bove is still alive. I hope this helps! God Bless!
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Who has Linda Ronstadt dated?

She's dated a lot of famous men, including filmmaker George Lucas and former California governor Jerry Brown, among others.

Is linda ronstadt a lesbian?

The answer to that is, nobody knows for sure. But you should still treat that person with kindness and respect because they are really no different from you. God made everyone