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"Ease of use" is highly subjective. Most people don't find Windows difficult to use, but Mac users like to claim that their system of choice is easier to use. Others find the Mac operating system difficult and awkward to use. Nobody is going to agree on whether one is easier to use than the other. And, in general, nobody agrees on whether or not Linux is easy to use, or if it is easier or more difficult to use than Windows.

Linux has the ability to use a graphical user interface, complete with a cursor, icons, and menus. Some Linux distributions are styled to look almost exactly like Windows. You are not required to know how to use the command line to use Linux. The command line, however, is the key to unlocking the power to any operating system, be it Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. So you would be well off learning to not be afraid of it.

Part of the stigma surrounding Linux is the myth that you need to know how to program to use it. This is not true. Programs for Linux are available pre-programmed and pre-built. The process of installing software is alien to Windows and Mac OS X users, but actually much simpler. To install programs, you use what is called a "package manager." A package manager basically presents a list of software that you can install or have installed already. You can choose the program you want to install, and the package manager will download it, install it, and make sure it has everything it needs to run. It will also check for updates, so you can always be running the newest version and get security updates as soon as they are available.
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