Is Maci Shermta going to be married to Josh Hutcherson?

Not likely.
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You hit all of the major US and Canadian cities in your first tour two years ago. Do you have any plans to hit the road again for Picture You Staring?

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What school does Josh Hutcherson go to?

Josh Hutcherson is homeschooled with a private tutor while making movies. In the DVD extras of the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth", there is a section that shows pa (MORE)

12 Things You Never Knew About Josh Hutcherson

Josh's parents noticed his talent when he was three years old, but they waited six years before letting him perform professionally. Following the advice of an acting coach, th (MORE)

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Is Josh Hutcherson bisexual?

Josh is straight, but absolutely no problems with homosexuality as demonstrated in interviews and such. He is a part of the LGBT and 'Straight But Not Narrow'. ^^ I don't kno (MORE)

What does Josh Hutcherson do?

Josh Hutcherson is an Actor. Therefor he acts. He has acted a Peeta  from "the hunger games" and has acted in other movies.
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Who is Josh Hutcherson?

Josh Hutcherson is a successful actor, born on October 12, 1992, in Union, Kentucky. He has been in movies such as the Journey to the Center of the Earth, Bridge to Terabith (MORE)

Did Miley Cyrus go out with Josh Hutcherson?

  no josh hutcherson did not go out with miley,he is going out with a girl nmed shannon wada u can look her up on myspace at wada
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