Is Maci Shermta going to be married to Josh Hutcherson?

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What school does Josh Hutcherson go to?

Josh Hutcherson is homeschooled with a private tutor while making movies. In the DVD extras of the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth", there is a section that shows pa

Would Josh Hutcherson go out with you?

YES! he likes making new friends and if you want 2 date him u should get 2 know him as of who he is! He is a really nice guy... i know him... & if u think im lying really ask

Will Josh Hutcherson ever go out with me?

There's always a chance, you never know. Josh Hutcherson was quoted saying, "If they're not crazy! Maybe, I don't know," when asked if he would date a fan. He said that he wan

Why won't Josh Hutcherson marry me?

Because he doesn't know you exist, but in the future he will realise his deep love for you and propose to you with a beautiful ring and you will have beautiful children and li