Is Malaysia in Indonesia?

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No, of course not. Malaysia is not in Indonesia. But our location is quite close. Malaysia consists of two parts, namely the peninsular and the Borneo part. The peninsular Malaysia is located to the north of Singapore while one of the Indonesian Islands, Sumatra is located to the west of peninsular Malaysia.
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Is Malaysia part of Indonesia?

No, Malaysia is not a part of Indonesia. They are two differentcountries. Only they are sharing the same island, Borneo

Where is Malaysia?

Malaysia is located in southeast Asia. It includes the Malay Peninsula (south of Myanmar) and part of the island of Borneo. It borders Thailand to the north and the countries of Brunei and Indonesia on Borneo. South East Asia, between Thailand & Indonesia. The Malay Peninsula & part of the island (MORE)

Why do they call Malaysia Malaysia?

Malaysia used to be known as the Federation of Malaya ( TanahMelayu ). In 1963 this name was changed to Malaysia afterSingapore, and two North Borneon states Sarawak & Sabahtogether with fed of Malaya formed Malaysia on the 16th September1963 (though Singapore left) The 'Malay' comes from the fact t (MORE)

What is the currency in Indonesia?

Indonesia, or officially known as the Republic of Indonesia, is acountry located in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Its currency is theIndonesian rupiah.

Why is Indonesia important?

Indonesia is important because of its culture and its unique instruments. Indonesia is famous for its batiks also. . "Indonesia is an incredibly beautiful country. Perfect tropical, palm-backed beaches, towering volcanoes, intricately terraced hillsides, rich rainforest, world-class coral reefs, al (MORE)

What climate does Indonesia have?

Indonesia has a tropical climate. However, compared to the summer of Europe and North America, Indonesia in temperature is less warmer. But it feels warmer because it's humid, and that makes you sweat a lot. Basically, this explains that Indonesia has a wet - tropical climate. What you won't n (MORE)

Name 3 territories of federation of Malaysia north of Indonesia?

Malaysia's has 2 territories in the island of borneo (northern part of borneo, the central and southern parts are Indonesia's territories); they are: Sabah and Sarawak.. Brunei Darussalam, a soverign country, located in the northern part of Borneo, too (in the middle of Malaysia's territory).

What is Indonesia famous for?

It has the Most active volcanoes in the world and that is around 150. It Has 17,508 Islands which only around 6000 are inhabited. And it held one of the biggest eruptions in History...The eruption of Krakatoa.

Is Indonesia overcrowded?

Yes, Indonesia is overcrowded. By 2007 the population is already 234,693,997 . And it is still rapidly growing..

Capitol of Indonesia?

The capital and largest city in the country of Indonesia isJakarta. The population of the capital city is just over 9.7million.

What is the difference between Indonesia and Malaysia?

Indonesia is much larger than Malaysia in terms of population and area. They speak Indonesian in Indonesia and Malay in Malaysia. Indonesia has a smaller life expectancy than Malaysia (61 years old compared to 71 years old).malaysia has one of the tallest building in the world.

Where in Indonesia?

Indonesia is north of Australia, southeast of Philippines and south of Malaysia. I hope that answers your question. sucks

Why Malaysia and Indonesia dispute over Ambalat?

Ambalat is the sea block (not an island) of the Celebes Sea between Indonesian province of East Kalimantan and south-east of the Malaysian state of Sabah. This whole region is formerly known as Borneo. There are two coastal states separated in a distance of less then 300 nm each other that cause ove (MORE)

Where you can get in Malaysia?

well,as a resident there I could say that we have a lot of beautiful places,islands and the best part is probably visiting the island of borneo. It's a fun place for family vacations and all sorts of other stuff

What to do and not to do in Indonesia?

To do: - Bow your head when walking in front of people who are sitting. Even better if you say 'excuse me'. - Smile back when someone smile at you. And if that someone starts bothering you with the smile or the stare, don't jump at the conclusion. - Start running away when you see several high schoo (MORE)

How were Malaysia Singapore and Indonesia formed?

In the last Ice Age abt 10k years ago, you could probably walk from Johor to Jakarta and Kuching. Then Earth got warmer, ice-cap melted, sea-level rose, blah blah, and a single landmass got separated into many islands.

Do Indonesia and Malaysia have the same language?

Indonesian is slightly the same as Malaysian language. In fact, they have the same root. Most of words in Indonesian is borrowed from Dutch language, while most words in Malaysian is borrowed from English language. Malaysians are able to understand conversation in Indonesian language, and vice versa (MORE)

Largest religion in Malaysia and Indonesia?

The largest religion in Maylaysia and Indonesia is Muslim. Maylaysia is about 60.7% Muslim and Buddhism is the next largest religion. The largest religion in Indonesia is Muslim...don't have the percentage.

Who is the best Malaysia or Indonesia?

I'm from Japan and for your information, I've been living and studying in Malaysia for 3 years. And what I want to say is Malaysia is better than Indonesia because people here are friendly, kind, and they are not always fighting among themselves, such as Indonesia. Malaysia has a clean city, they ha (MORE)

What are the reasons that led to the confrontation between Malaysia and Indonesia?

in my opinion, Indonesia and Malaysia is too much a like. the Indonesian Language is formed of Melayu (Malaysian and most of Sumatra Island uses). and so is the food and culture. The thing is, Malaysia several times claims Indonesian culture as theirs. like the song "Rasa Sayang" which is a traditi (MORE)

What is fax code from Indonesia to Malaysia?

In general, you dial a fax number on a fax machine exactly the sameway you would dial the same number on a landline telephone at thesame location. The telephone country code for Malaysia is +60, and you drop thetrunk prefix 0 from the beginning of the Malaysian number. Indonesia uses a variety of (MORE)

How do you say representing Malaysia in Malaysia?

The official language of Malaysia is Malay.It is not called Malaysian. To say representing Malaysia in Malay, it is "mewakili Malaysia" (pronounce it in a Spanish way, by pronounce "w" in ordinary English way).

What continant is Indonesia in?

Indonesia is located in Asia, the Southeast Asian region. Located south of Malaysia, west of East Timor and south of Singapore. Indonesia is also in Oceania, since it has so many islands and some of the islands reach into the Oceanic region of Melanesia.

How can you say how are you in Indonesia?

"Apa kabar" is "how are you" in Indonesian. A common reply would bebaik baik saja, which means Im doing good or ok. Keep in mind thisis bahasa Indonesia which is the common language that most everyonein Indonesia speaks. There are different sublanguages in Indonesia.The most common one in Java, Indo (MORE)

What is telephone code from Malaysia to Indonesia?

The country code for Indonesia is +62. The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." The prefix from Malaysia is 00. Thus, to call from Malaysia to Indonesia, you dial 00 62, followed by the Indonesian number without the leading 0.

Is Indonesia and Malaysia are ally of US?

Both actually are not main concern for American foreign policy and remain not to be sided with any political blog in global affair. The constitution of Indonesia declares that the relationship with foreign countries should be active and free. However, in business field, these countries have strong r (MORE)

What is Indonesia popular for?

Indonesia is popular for their food, and dragon dancing. dragon dancing can be found in Benigo also, at a festival. To train for it, they run 18 laps of the oval first WOAH!!

What is Malaysia about?

Malaysia is a name of country which gain independence from the british, and still live under poor democratic system, while its people do not have bravery to fight for it. Malaysia is the strongest soccer team in southeast. And Khairul Fahmi Chet Mat ( Apex ) is number 1 the best goalie in Asia.

How do you fax from Malaysia to Indonesia?

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What is the Garuda in Indonesia?

Garuda is a mythical bird in Hindu/Indian mythology. Indonesia's coat of arm, the Garuda Pancasila, is a garuda bird with a shield that depicts 5 values of Pancasila. Moreover, the flagship carrier of Indonesia is named Garuda Indonesia.

Which country is better to relocate to Indonesia or Malaysia?

Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia offer different typesof visas and quality of life. They attract a different crowd as thevisa requirements are different. The social settings are alsodifferent. You need to learn Thai or Indonesian if you want toexperience the country fully whereas in Mal (MORE)