Is Massachusetts bay colony in Massachusetts?

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The Mass. bay colony is what MA was called while America was still owned by England.
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Who founded Massachusetts Bay colony?

John Winthrop founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1628 becauseof relgious reasons. Founded in 1630, was funded by theMassachusetts Bay Company. Settlers proposed to establ

Economy of Massachusetts bay colony?

The Plymouth economy developed around trade in fish and furs. The sandy and rocky soil had made agriculture difficult, but basic crops were grown successfully.

The colony of Massachusetts Bay was settled by?

The colony of Massachusetts Bay, founded in 1628 in the generalvicinity of what is now known as Boston, was settled by theMassachusetts Bay Company, an English company with di

Who established the massachusetts bay colony?

The Massachusetts Bay colony, founded on the North American shoresin the vicinity of what is now known as Boston, was established bythe Massachusetts Bay Company in 1628. This

How diverse was the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

Not diverse, at all. Most of the settlers who established the Massachusetts Bay Colony were middle-class English Protestants of the Puritan sect. Between 1630 and 1640, approx