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Yes, New York University is located in Manhattan. Although the university is not in one location, since its an immensely large campus, it's scattered for blocks. The campus is located in different parts of the borough, but fairly close together.

But all in all, yes NYU is located in the borough of Manhattan.
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How difficult is it to get into NYU?

NYU is a highly selective university, however it is not as selective as Harvard. You need a high GPA, along with impressive SAT scores, and strong extracurriculars. The accept

Can you get into nyu with a 3.5 GPA?

I had a 3.4 GPA. I'm at NYU now (CAS) and majoring in Physics. My SAT score was 2160 (680 reading, 710 writing, 770 math). It's totally possible.

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Where is Manhattan?

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Where is NYU located?

New York University is located in downtown Manhattan in New York City. The core of its campus is around Washington Square Park.

What is the address of NYU?

According to their website their mailing address differs depending  on what you would like to contact them about. Here is a link to  their website with all their contact add

When does nyu send acceptance letters?

April 1st for official letter, although if you are a senior this year and you applied, they have sent out some emails to some students about admission, (it doesn't say congr

What is NYU demographics?

From Princeton Review: Enrollment: 20,604 Female: 62% Out of State: 66% International: 5% African American: 5% Asian: 17% Caucasian: 50% Hispanic: 8% Native