Is New Mexico a Republican or Democratic state?

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Democratic State
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Is Virginia a Republican or democratic state?

It has a Democratic Governor and a Republican Lieutenant Governor and at the state level a Democratic Senate and a Republican House. Both US Senators are democrats and the US

Is Mississippi a democrat or republican state?

Because the state of Mississippi does not offer registered voter statistics by party, we must judge either from primary elections (to see how many voters their are from both p

What are the characteristics of a democratic and republican state?

In a pure democratic state, decisions are made by the people directly via popular vote. This is very difficult not to mention chaotic in a state of any size. In a republic, th

Is DC a republican or democratic state?

According to the Constitution, the seat of government can't be in any state. So the District of Columbia is neither a Democratic nor a Republican state because it's not a stat

Is Pennsylvania a Democratic or Republican state?

The citizens of Pennsylvania according to the statistics of thepast four presidential elections predominantly voted Democratic , thereby making Pennsylvania a bluestate. Howe