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Democratic State
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What is the democratic and republican about?

The democratic- republican government is a government that can either have a democratic president or a republican president. It is the exact opposite of a Federal Government.

If you vote democratic in the primary can you vote republican at election time in the state of Texas?

Yes, you can vote for a democrat in the primary and then for a republican in the November election. You will be affiliated with the Democratic party until December 31, 2008 though. But, because the candidates are all on the same ballot in the November election, you can choose whomever you want.. I got this from the following website: Go to this website and click on the "Voter Information" link. From there, click on the ""New Voting in the Primary Elections and Participation in the Precinct Convention on March 4th "" link.. I also pasted the info from that link below:. If you are a registered voter in the state of Texas, you will simply choose your party and vote in that party's primary. To explain, we do not register by party in Texas. One becomes "affiliated" with a party by voting in a party's primary and the affiliation lasts for that primary year. As an example, if a voter voted in the March 2006 primary or April 2006 runoff primary, the voter affiliated with that party for the rest of that year, but on December 31, 2006 the affiliation expired. The affiliation means that the person may not vote in another party's primary or participate in another party's convention or sign an independent candidate's petition for place on the ballot if the independent candidate's position appears on the primary ballot. Note that in the general election in November, a voter may vote for whomever he/she wishes, regardless of how or whether he/she voted in the primary or runoff primary election, since all candidates are on the same ballot.

Is Maryland considered a Republican or Democratic state in voting?

The state of Maryland is solidly blue or Democratic. There aretwice as many registered Democrats as Republicans in Maryland.

Why are the Republicans called Republicans and the Democrats Democrats?

Republicans like this country because it's a constitutional republic, the Democrats like this country because it's a democracy. -> You can't have it both ways. It's either a Constitutional Republic or it's a Democracy. The United States was created as a Constitutional Representative Republic not a Democracy. The Founders hated and detested Democracy more than Monarchy. Some of them preferred Communism to Democracy. The names are based on differing forms of government.

What is a Democratic-Republican?

The Democratic-Republicans was one of the first political parties in the United States , founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison around 1792. They originally called themselves the Anti-Federalists in opposition to the dominant Federalist Party that founded the new United States government. The Federalists favored a strong central government and held elitist values. The Democratic-Republicans supported states' rights, limited government, and a strict interpretation of the Constitution. In 1800, the Democratic Republicans won both the Presidential (Jefferson) and Vice-Presidential offices, as well as the majority of seats in Congress, causing a shift in the direction of government. The Judicial branch was still dominated by Federalists, however, and most heavily influenced by Chief Justice John Marshall, who ensured the federal government retained dominance over the states. The party split into the Democrats and Republicans in 1824, but were not the same as the Democrats and Republicans of the 21st century. The Republican Party mutated quite a few times over the years, becoming the Whig Party from 1833-1856, which then split into the Free Soil and Know-Nothing parties, as well as a new incarnation of the Republicans.

Is Megyn Kelly of Fox News a Democrat or Republican?

She has said and I quote "I am conservative on some things and noton others. Funny how people assume things." in response to HowardStern's statement that she seemed pretty conservative. I personallythink she is more moderate than some people might think.

Is Florida a republican or democratic state?

It's Republican due to social issues--specifically, abortion. Thereare a lot of evangelicals in Florida, enough to tilt the scale tothe GOP. EDIT: Florida by registration is a Democratic state.. Even though Florida is a majority Democratic state, Florida has notjust a Majority but a Super-Majority GOP legislature. It shows youjust how heavily-gerrymandered the districts are in Florida..

Is California mostly a Democratic or Republican state?

Not 100% in either camp. The electoral vote for California is 55 so which ever party you would like is really needing it. But research shows that it is back and forth, but has recently been in the Democratic favor.. Its State legislature and Federal Representation is firmly in the hands of the Democratic Party but it has a Republican Governor..

Does the state of California mostly vote republican or democratic?

It leans towards the Democratic Party. In Presidential elections, it has been carried by the Democratic party in every election since 1992. Prior to that, it tended to be carried by the Republicans. The State currently has a Republican Governor, but the legislature is strongly Democratic.

Are you a democrat or Republican?

You choose what you want to be, but be careful, because there's more to politics than Elephants and Donkeys...

Is Montana a Republican or Democratic state?

Mixed and variable over the years with 14 Democrats and 9 Republican Governors since it became a state. The current At Large US Reprentative is a Republican but both US Senators and the current Governor are Democrats. In the 2008 Presidential election John McCain carried the state.

Is Virginia a Republican or democratic state?

It has a Democratic Governor and a Republican Lieutenant Governor and at the state level a Democratic Senate and a Republican House. Both US Senators are democrats and the US House delegates are divided six to five in favor of the democrats. Call it a swing state but it is still a conservative southern state.

Is Virginia a democratic state or a republican state?

Virginia leans Republican even though both US Senators are Democrats and Obama won there in 2008. It's a true swing state.

Is Washington a democrat or Republican state?

Democrats currently have a majority within the state legislature and the Governor and both US Senators are Democrats. Six of the nine US Congressmen are Democrats.

How many registered democrat and republican states are there in the US?

States are not identified by political party, as they may provide a majority vote favoring either party in any given federal election. The governors of the states are usually members of either the Democratic or Republican party, and you can see their current affiliations at the related link below.

How many states are democrat and how many are republican?

"We are not the red states nor the blue states, we're the United States." 44th President, Mr. Barack H. Obama,III

Is New Jersey a Republican state?

New Jersey has been considered a swing state in the past, withexception to the 2012 presidential election (the difference betweensupport for Obama and Romney was too big for it to be considered aswing state). But even though it is a battleground state, since1992, New Jersey has voted Democratic in every presidentialelection.

Does the state of New Mexico border Mexico?

Yes - near the southwest corner of the state. New Mexico borders Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Mexico.

Is Ohio a republican or democrat state?

Ohio is neither. It's the classic swing state, which means the vote can go either way.

Is CNN a republican or a democratic news station?

CNN is democratic while fox is republican. Ignore the fact that Nancy grace is an idiot though, she's not a great representation.

Is there always a Republican and Democrat from each state?

No. Who there person is in not equal concerning the party. For instance, we have 2 Democratic Senators from CA. We could have one of each, but the Democrats won both seats.

Is Minnesota a Democratic or Republican State?

Last "presidential" election, Minnesota's electoral votes went to the democratic ticket. That being said, I don't think that you can classify a state as democratic or republican based on how people vote in the presidential election.

Manifestation of democratic and republican state?

Manifestations of a Democratic and Republican State (Sec. 1, Art. II) . 1. The existence of a bill of rights; 2. The observance of the rule of majority; 3. The observance of the principle that ours is a government of laws, and not of men; 4. The presence of elections through popular will; 5. The observance of the principle of separation of powers and the system of checks and balances; 6. The observance of the principle that the legislature cannot pass irrepealable laws; 7. The observance of the law on public officers; and 8. The observance of the principle that the State cannot be sued without its consent..

Why Philippines is a democratic and Republican state?

The Constitution establishes the Philippines as a "democratic and republican State", where "sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them".

How many democrats are on the United States Supreme Court how many republicans?

Supreme court members are classified not by party (officially they must be politically neutral) but the may be classified by their judicial leanings: John Robert (Conservative) Antonin Scalia (Conservative) Clarence Thomas (Conservative) Samuel Alito (Conservative) Anthony Kennedy (Moderate) Ruth Baden Ginsberg (Liberal) Stephen Breyer (Liberal) Sonia Sotomayor (Liberal) John Stevens (Liberal)

Is Nevada a democratic state or republican state?

As of 2017, Nevada is currently a "swing state" where neither partyhas a strong advantage. Barack Obama won Nevada 55-43% in 2008,however George W. Bush won the state in both 2000 and 2004. Nevadahas voted for the winner of every Presidential election since 1912,except in 1976 and 2016.

Is Mississippi a democrat or republican state?

Because the state of Mississippi does not offer registered voter statistics by party, we must judge either from primary elections (to see how many voters their are from both parties) or from general elections. Through primary elections we conclude that Mississippi is a state dominated by the Democratic Party. In the 2007 Mississippi Governor election, the Democratic Primary had a total of about 450,000 voters compared to about 197,000 voters of the Republican Primary. Also, in the 2008 Presidential Election, the Mississippi Democratic Party Primary had a total of about 429,000 voters compared to about 145,000 voters of the Republican party. Whereas in general elections we conclude that Mississippi is a state dominated by the Republican party. In the 2008 Presidential election the Republican candidate (John McCain) received about 725,000 votes while the Democratic candidate (Barack Obama) received about 555,000 votes. The total voter turnout for the election was about 1,290,000 voters. This is significantly larger than the voter turnout for state primaries such as the primaries for the 2007 Governor election where there was a total of about 650,000 voters, which is almost half the amount of voters that voted in the presidential election. This would support the theory that the state of Mississippi has a larger voter turnout in general elections because voters do not have to vote in affiliation with a party; evidently showing how it is more likely that there are more unaffiliated or independent voters in the state of Mississippi than there are Democratic and Republican voters. Source:

How many democrat and or republican senators per state?

Each state gets 2 US senators regardless of how large/small the state or how many/few people in the state. The senators can be from any party....the people of the state elect whomever they want.

Is the hill news republican or democrat?

The Hill is less of a partisan newspaper, and more of an "inside baseball," publication. It features pundits from both sides of the ideological spectrum, and includes many articles from politicians from both parties. So although The Hill isn't really permanently skewed one way or the other, it generally isn't a great place to get unbiased information. You can just get very biased info from all sides there.

Is Rhode Island mostly republican or democratic state?

Rhode Island is one of the most liberal democratic states. RI and Mass are basically the most.

Why is Philippine is democratic and republican state?

It is democratic in the the sense that sovereignty resides in the people, and all government authorities emanates from them. At the same time, it is republican in the sense that the people do not rule themselves directly. They opted to elect their representatives to exercise the powers of government under the constitution which they ordained.

Is fox 5 news Tony Perkins Democrat or Republican?

If you are asking about Tony Perkins, the co-anchor of the news atFox 5 in Washington DC, he has not publicly expressed which partyhe supports. Unlike the Fox News network, which is identifablyRepublican, the local Fox affiliates in each city are free to hirewhomever they wish, and their reporters are from all politicalviewpoints. Mr. Perkins is a graduate of American University andpreviously reported on weather. He is not to be confused withanother Tony Perkins, a conservative Republican who is with theFamily Research Council.

Is judith miller of fox news a republican or democrat?

It is difficult to say. She had a very close relationship withRepublican President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, and shepromoted their talking points about the Iraq War and weapons ofmass destruction in her New York Times articles. But there islittle evidence that she sees herself as a partisan. In fact, ifyou asked her, she would probably say she tries to be neutral.

Is megyn kelly of fox news democrat or republican?

Megyn Kelly has long identified as a Republican; she is a formerattorney, and has stated in interviews that she is a conservative.However, she seems to be a moderate on certain issues, such asequal opportunity for working women.

What determines the political color of a state democratic or republican?

the number of people registered as democratic or republican determines what color the state represents in majority

Why are most inland states republican and most outer states democratic?

That is not exactly true. Most highly urbanized states typically vote, in the majority, Democrat. But it is the urban populations more than the rural populations that do. States where urban populations are not in the majority typically swing Republican. Some states like, Texas and Florida have high urban populations, but Texas typically goes republican and Florida often goes either way. California with a highly urbanized coastal population also has a highly rural population in the southern valleys that vote democrat while a somewhat urbanized north valley often votes republican. Southern states on the east coast often vote republican while heavily industried northern states vote democrat. The votes although red states or blue states are often split within 10% of 50/50 in most states with few exceptions. Popular votes throughout the country on the whole often split very close to 50/50. So in the final analysis, States that swing Democrat more often have large urban populations and those that swing Republican are often less urbanized.

What are states called that are fought over by Republicans and democrats?

Typically during election times these are referred to as Battleground States. In some cases they are also known as Swing States.

When looking at a political map how do you determine if a state vote majority republican or democrat?

If you feel something rammed into your anus on a regular basis your in a democratic state

What is the number of democrat and republican electoral votes for each state?

There's no such thing. Electoral votes are electoral votes; there aren't "democrat" ones and "republican" ones.

What are the characteristics of a democratic and republican state?

In a pure democratic state, decisions are made by the people directly via popular vote. This is very difficult not to mention chaotic in a state of any size. In a republic, the people elect representatives who make decisions on their behalf. This has drawbacks of its own, but greatly simplifies the process of decision making when compared to organizing a national referendum on every issue.

Is DC a republican or democratic state?

According to the Constitution, the seat of government can't be in any state. So the District of Columbia is neither a Democratic nor a Republican state because it's not a state at all.. If it could be a state, it would be a Democratic one. .

Is New York State mostly a Democratic or Republican state?

The cities tend to lean more towards the Democrats, while Republicans are more commonplace in rural areas.

How many states are republicans and how many democrats?

Every individual has the right to choose a political party to identify with. Every state is made up of many republicans and many democrats. The electoral college delegates from each state vote according to the majority votes of that state at every election, so it changes every time.

What is manifestation of a democratic and Republican state?

Manifestations that show there are democratic and republican states is that there is a bill of rights and a Constitution. The laws on public officers also show a manifestation of republican and democratic states.

Is Pennsylvania a Democratic or Republican state?

The citizens of Pennsylvania according to the statistics of thepast four presidential elections predominantly voted Democratic , thereby making Pennsylvania a bluestate. However, it is interesting to note that both the governor and thelieutenant governor of Pennsylvania are Republican, along with themajority of the state's representatives in the United StatesCongress.

Is New York a republican state or democratic?

New York is mostly a democratic state. The cities tend to learnmore towards the democrats,while republicans are more commonplacein rural. A.J 30/10/13 {NZ}

How many democrats are in the ca state senate and how many republicans are in the ca state senate?

As of February 2014, there are 28 Democrats and 11 Republicans inthe California Senate, with one vacancy.

Does the state republican party platform for New Mexico include marriage equality?

No. Even though same-sex marriage is legal in New Mexico, the stateRepublican Party platform of New Mexico calls for preventinggovernment from applying the word "marriage" to same-sex couples.

Is Idaho a democratic state or a republican state?

Idaho has voted Republican in every presidential election since1952 except the 1964 landslide Democratic victory of Lyndon Johnsonover Barry Goldwater.

Do states usually vote for republican or democratic presidents?

In a presidential election where the candidates are from either therepublican or democratic parties, that would indeed be the logicalconclusion of their voting choices.