Is North Korea a country in Korea?

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Korean Peninsula and Manchuria ( Kando Region) were all part of Korean Territory.
Before 60 years ago Korean Peninsula were one nation. After Korean War have left North /South Korea separated. At present North Korea population of 24 million is separated independent nation.
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Why is North Korea a communist country?

In 1945, the Korean Peninsula was divided between a U.S. controlled South Korea and a Soviet controlled North Korea. In the late 1940s, the U.S. kept troops in South Korea but

What country split Korea into North Korea and South Korea?

The country was split by the United Nations after WWII (mainly by the Soviet Union and the United States). It was held by Japan during WWII and after the UN split the country

Is North Korea Korea a rich country?

North Korea is not a rich country at all, many citizens of northKorea are suffering from malnutrition or are starving. Only thoserelated to Kim Jong il or the government are r

How is North Korea a totaltarian country?

In the sense that it is ruled by one person or group of people who do not answer to the population and recognise no limits to their authority. The Korean people can vote for
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What countries has North Korea bombed?

North Korea has threatened to bomb lots of countries but hasn't bombed any countries yet (although it did invade South Korea during the years 1950-1953).
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How is North Korea a good country?

North Korea is a good country in various ways. They have very good skills to build tunnels and provide cheap labour. They also treasure sea food and can do so much with limite
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Is North Korea an emerging country?

It's a developing country (as opposed to a developed country), butit is economically regressing, not improving access (which is whatthe term "emerging economy" usually means).