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Primerica is a large, publicly held corporation. Obviously, no business such as this would structure their company in a way that would violate the laws of the countries in which it does business. So their corporation is structured in accordance with the laws of US, and they maintain all the records and perform their business opportunity selling in ways that is within the laws of the US and Canada and the States in which they operate.

The general public will determine whether a business is a "scam" based on its perception of the company's products and also their customer service. Primerica's physical products are of good quality and are priced somewhere in the middle of most similar competing products. The Primerica agents are then left as the big factor that the public is left with, in order to determine it's legitimacy. So a successful company like Wal-Mart will not treat it's customers rudely and will have 48 check-out stands available so their experience is as good as they can make it. The public will judge it based on their experience. In contrast, the typical Primerica agent comes across as somewhat shady and ill-experienced. Not a good combination when attemting to sell financial products. Due to this, the agents spend most of their time and efforts selling the business opportunity. This is where most of the general public attach the "scam" designation onto the Primerica brand. The old adage is "judge for yourself".

For example, this very question was first asked by Obe231, a Primerica agent. 18 Feb 2009 at 6:05. This person then attached the link to their blog that sells the idea of the Primerica business opportunity. 18 Feb 2009 at 6:06. Then they proceeded to answer the question that they asked. 18 Feb 2009 at 6:32. Hmmm, why would an agent who sells the Primerica business opportunity go onto a user-generated content website and "ask" if Primerica is a scam? Why would he/she pose as some random person with a valid question? A "question" that they conveniently already had an answer to? Are these people trustworthy, or trying to scam you.

Judge for yourself.
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