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Is Ricky Van Shelton dead?

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No he's 62 but alive
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Is Dick van Dyke dead?

He's alive and well and still very active.

Blake Shelton related to ricky van shelton?

No, Blake Shelton is not the son of Ricky Van Shelton. No. Bettye & Ricky have no children.

Are Blake Shelton and Ricky Van Shelton related?

No, they arent related. Some people think that cause of the name but that always doesnt mean that everyone can have the same last name like (Collins)! I hoped this Helped! :P

Is jean claude van damme dead?

As of 2013, Jean Caude Van Damme is not dead. He is alive and enjoying life to the fullest.

When did ricky van shelton die?

He didn't. He retired from the music business to focus more on family

Is van damme trully dead?


Is big van Vader dead?

I thought this, but nope. He's doing an international tour with HBK of all people on the same show in the fall.