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The Japanese have 3 form of writing
Katakana; based on Chinese Characters..
Hiragana; based o Japanese characters.. &
Romaji; based on Roman Characters

Imagine how many keys would the Japanese laptop would have..
Anybody knows?
katakana- alphabet used for foreign words (aka any word or thing not from the Japanese language)
kanji/hiragana- Chinese and Japanese characters
romanji- is Japanese written out in roman characters so the hiragana

-would go to romanized-
which means "no" btw
and to the laptop question... i think it would be just like ours except with
hiragana characters... kanji has too many and they prob wouldn't need the katakana or romanized characters... so because the Japanese language uses phonetics rather than letters it would prob have just a few more keys than ours ^_^

Hiragana is used for native words, katakana is used for foreign words, and romaji can be used for either (just like the previous person said).

As for the laptop question...It is set up like an American keyboard. You type in a word "romaji" style, and the computer will automatically come up with the hiragana. You then press the space bar until it comes up with the kanji that you want.
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Where can you translate Japanese romaji?

The best way to translate Japanese romaji is to memorize the corresponding Hiragana and Katakana symbols so that you may type them. Most online translators work using either H