Is Samoa the capital of America Samoa?

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No the capital of American Samoa is Pago Pago. Apia is the capital of Samoa
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What is the capital of Samoa?

Capital of Samoa is Apia. The capital of Samoa (formerly western Samoa) is Apia , on the island of Upolu. The word Western was dropped from the name of the country in 1997. (The capitals of American Samoa are Pago Pago and Fagatogo, theseat of government.)

Who is the Queen of Samoa?

Answer . The Head of State (Chief) is elected and he chooses a Prime Minister: don't think there is a Queen or King in the titular sense.

Queen of Samoa?

Samoa is a part of the British Commonwealth, meaning the queen of the UK is their queen, this being Queen Elizabeth II.

Where is Samoa?

Located in the South Pacific between Hawaii and New Zealand, Samoa consists of two entities; Western Samoa - an independent nation since 1961, and American Samoa - a U.S. Territory since 1900. Samoa is generally referred to as the "Cradle of Polynesia".

What is Samoa known for?

Samoa is known for lots of great food and celabrations people who are fighters! yezzer! And have a lot of rules, and eat a lot, and are loud! lolz.

What does samoa mean?

Somoa is an independent state. It is a country in the western partof the Somoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

What is the vegetation of Samoa?

The vegetation of Samoa is sand, volcanoes and some trees. by MUFFINSHAQ Some trees is a incorrect statement. The vegetation is tropical and subtropical with TONS of lush, moist, green, broadleaf forests. Sand by the beaches. There is only one active volcanoe. by Bananabutterfly

What is Samoas best fruit in Samoa?

Depends what YOU like... but the favourtite has to be the freshly picked mangos!. my favorite is raw mango dipped in soy sauce and sugar.

Who is in charge of Samoa?

the governments i guess or prime ministers. It is both the government and the Head of State. Samoa is governed by a mixture of parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.

What is there to do in Samoa?

eat!!! Depending on what your interests are, Samoa offers loads of things to do. If you love the outdoors, a tour around the islands are a treat! You get to learn about the culture and experience the Samoan way of life up front. There's also outdoor sports like surfing, scuba diving, bike riding, (MORE)

What do they play in Samoa?

they mainly play rugby and cricket. Apart from that they sing a lot and dance too. They also (along with National Rugby Union and League teams) have a National Netball team.

How do you get to Samoa?

By plane, but if you're travelling from neighbouring islands, American Samoa, Tokelau etc, there's always the option to travel by boat. Alot of cruise ships stop in Samoa also, if you're that way inclined.

What country is western Samoa the capital of?

1) Samoa is an independent polynesian country. The capital is Apia.. 2) American Samoa is an unincorporated and unorganized territory of the United States. The capital is Pago Pago.

Is Samoa joe from Samoa?

I dont know if Samoa Joe was actually born in Samoa, but I do know that he is of Samoan descent. He wasn't born in samoa.

Is Samoa the same as American Samoa?

No. Samoa is an independent nation while American Samoa is an American overseas territory. Germans and American feuded over Samoa. The territory was eventually split into two: Western (or German) Samoa and Eastern (or American) Samoa. Western Samoa eventually became independent while Eastern Samo (MORE)

Why is Samoa necessary to America?

Samoa offered a strategical point of operations for the US navy in the first half of the 2oth century. By politically annexing eastern Samoa as a US territory (now called American Samoa) it has allowed the US to operate it's most southern base south of the equator in the pacific. A coaling station w (MORE)

How can I get a Visa for Samoa?

you need a Samoan citizen to sponser you. then if you want to stay 12 months plus you'll need a police report from the current country you live in and a medical report.

Why is Samoa poor?

if i were you i would shut the hell up and dont let any samoans here you say that you said that they r poor or somebodys going to get jumped talk about another island

Is Samoa a state?

No it is not. Samoa is an independent country with its own government and laws.

What is the annexation of Samoa?

Treaty of Berlin 1899 was an agreement between Germany and the U.S which divide Samoa into 2 parts...But it's time for American Samoa to secede the U.S...

Are there snakes in Samoa?

Yes. the worlds tiniest snake has found its way here. Its about 4-6 inches long, blind and burrows into the earth. Ramphotyphlops sp. It eats ant larvae. Its really small and really fast! Totally harmless but fascinating. We found one in our garden and the kids were intrigued.

Why is Samoa called Western Samoa?

it is called western Samoa because Samoa is divided into two parts, American Samoa and western Samoa. After colonialism came to Samoa, America took control of Eastern Samoa which adapted the name "American Samoa". While Germany (and later NZ) took control of Western Samoa, who then took on the na (MORE)

What are the ports of Samoa?

Seaports are Apia, Salelologa, Asau and Aleipata (I stand to be corrected on these). The International Airport is Faleolo. There is also a smaller airport at Fagali'i which smaller planes use in between American Samoa, Samoa and Savaii; and there is definitely one I know of in Savai'i, but now in 20 (MORE)

How far is Samoa from American Samoa?

I think it's about 12,000 kilometres, so about 14 hours flying time this is wrong. I used to live in Vailoa (American Samoa) and on clear days I can see Samoa (western Samoa) from American Samoa. It's about 100 miles. The airplane trip takes about 30 minutes on a twin engine Cessna.

Why do Samoa have Tattoo?

There are many tattoos that Different Samoa tribes have e.g the Iegnau tribe use spirals in the tattoos and the fuyusa tribe use circles and faces

What is the dance of Samoa?

its like being together cause you dance together in a group there is also a dance woman and girls like me is called a bosiva

What is Samoas religon?

Most Samoans are Christian. Like all religion it was forced on them; during the western world conquests.

What is your name in Samoa?

What is your name? - "O ai lou igoa?" (colloquial, informal every day language). "O ai lou suafa?" (formal, polite and respectful).

Why was Samoa was know as German Samoa?

It was a German protectorate from 1900 to 1914, consisting of the islands of Upolu, Savai'i, Apolima and Manono. After 1920, the League of Nations gave it to England. After 1946, New Zealand administered it until independence in 1962. It is now part of Independent Samoa

Is there a desert in Samoa?

No, Samoa averages about 116 inches (2,965 mm) of rainfall onaverage per year. A desert receives less than 10 inches (250 mm) ofprecipitation per year on average.

Who was Samoa?

is a country encompassing the western part of the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean

What is an American Samoa?

American Samoa is an unincorporated territory of the United States. It is part of an island chain in the Southwest Pacific.