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Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy and it's largest island.

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The island was once a city-state in its own right, and as the Kingdom of Sicily ruled from Palermo over southern Italy, Sicily, and Malta. It later became a part of the Two Sicilies under the Bourbons, a kingdom governed from Naples that comprised both the island itself and most of southern Italy. The Italian unification of 1860 led to the dissolution of this kingdom, and Sicily became an autonomous part of the Kingdom of Italy. Sicily is today an autonomous region of Italy. Of all the regions of Italy, Sicily covers the largest land area at 25,708 square kilometres (9,926 sq mi) and currently has just over five million inhabitants
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Where is Sicily?

Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy, it is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Minor islands around it are also considered to be part of Sicily.

What are some cities in Sicily?

Sicily i s not a city, it is an island and an autonomous region of Italy. To more accurately answer the question, here is an incomplete list of cities in Sicily: Agir

What can you do in Sicily?

There a lot of things to do in Sicily ! You can go visit Mount Etna a volcano in Tourmina . You could also visit the capital of Sicily which is Messina . You could go
In Mount Etna

Is Sicily a country or a city?

Sicily is a small island 180 miles long by 100 miles Off the south coast of Italy ( Calabria )
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Is Sicily a town or a city in Italy?

Sicily is an island (the largest in the Mediterranean Sea), and is an autonomous region of Italy. Its capital city is Palermo and its most prominent feature is Mt.Etna.