Is Suriname a country?

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'''Yes''', Suriname is a country. Specifically, Suriname is one of the countries of the South American continent. It has a Caribbean coastline. Its South American neighbors include Brazil, French Guiana and Guyana.
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Is Suriname an independent country?

Yes , Suriname is an independent country. The Republic of Suriname gained independent from the Netherlands on November 25, 1975. Since 1954 Suriname had been granted a system

Of what country is Suriname the capital city?

Suriname isn't the capital city of any country. Instead, it's its own country, as the Republic of Suriname. It's located in northern South America. Its capital city is Param

Is Suriname a country in Africa?

No , Suriname isn't on the continent of Africa. It's on the South American continent. But descendants of West African slaves make up a significant portion of Suriname's ethnic

What European country colonized Suriname?

The Netherlands colonized Suriname. The area was discovered by English, French and Spanish exporers in the 16th century. In the 17th century plantation colonies were establi

What is the email country suffix for Suriname?

The ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) for Suriname is .sr . The Internet was used by 10.4 percent of Suriname's population in 2009, according to the International Telecom

Which country is between Colombia and Suriname?

Venezuela and Guyana are between Colombia and Suriname. All four countries are located in northern South America. Colombia is to the west of Venezuela. Venezuela in turn is t

Is Suriname a poor or rich country?

Suriname is a country rich in resources and poor in advanced technological development for all of its people. Specifically, Suriname has abundant natural resources, amo

Is Suriname a country or a possession?

A country is the status of Suriname. Specifically, Suriname is a sovereign state on the northern tip of South America. It was a Dutch colony from the mid-sixteenth to the

Why is Suriname consider a mainland country?

Because it is located on a continent , Suriname is considered a mainland country. Specifically, Suriname is located on the northern part of the South American continent. It