Is Syria a country if not what is it?

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It is a country!
It's a country in the middle east!
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Was Syria ever a Christian country?

It's a Muslim and Christian country. Syria was a CHristian Country, it is mentioned in the bible as Aram, and as i believe it attacked Israel because of some proubles betw

What alphabets were use in the country of Syria?

Several alphabets have been used in that region, including: Akkadian Aramaic Arabic Hebrew Syriac Today, mainly Arabic is used. Some Christians in Syria use the

How did Syria become a country?

It depends on how the question is intended. Syria first became a country around 3000 BC as the Kingdom ofAram/Aramea. However, modern Syria became independent in April 1946

What is the nearest country to Syria?

There is no one "nearest" country so Syria. Syria borders Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq. So, in a sense, all these countries are "nearest" to Syria.
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What is the telephone country code for Syria?

Syria is country code +963. When calling from outside Syria, you must drop the trunk prefix '0'from the Syrian area code. For example, Damascus' area code 011becomes +963 11.
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Is Syria a developing country?

Not at the moment - the country is in currently (2015) a state ofanarchistic collapse and civil war. The rest of the people in theworld are horrified at what is happening to t
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Is Isis and Syria the same country?

no Isis is a terrorist group ISIL is an insurgent group operating in Syrian and Iraqi territory.When people say "Syria" today, they are usually referring to theSyrian Regime,