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In my opinion, he is disingenuous. In my opinion, Eifrig pitches common and often risky investments as 'secrets', but you have to pay first.
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Is David James ad for personal assistant on Craigslist a scam?

I have recently applied for this position on craigslist and David James quickly responded. After a few personable emails back and forth, he claimed he was in the UK on a summi

What is an anarchist?

An anarchist is a person who is against any kind of imposed government

Is the Retirement Millionaire subscription by Doctor David Eifrig a scam?

No it is not. The Retirement Millionaire has many subscribers, and plenty of positive feedback. Dr. Eifrig offers a trial period for the Retirement Millionaire, as well. The s

What is anarchist?

Anarchist is someone who is against any kind of government

What is the anarchist cookbook?

It is a book that was around about 1971 that gave instructions on how to make weapons, explosives, etc, all in the safety of your home. Most things could be made with simple h

Are anarchists satanists?

  No, anarchists believe in no government, just living on honor   Satanist believe in them selfs, a self worship so to say.

What are opinions on Dr David Eifrig?

Uh, no... you get 100% of your money back if you're unhappy in the first four months... in fact you're lying if you say otherwise. In fact, committing libel to call it a scam

Has David Beckham retired from international football?

Fabio Capello, England manager revealed in an interview with the broadcaster ITV that he considers Beckham, 35, to be "a little bit old" and not part of his plans for the Euro

What countries are anarchist?

Somalia has no current government, but so far no other countries in the world have anarchist governments...   yet   (Somalia is not considered anarchist.)
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What is a scam?

The term SCAM in the online world has been loosely translated. By definition, a scam is a quick-profit scheme where a person cheats another individual or group out of money by

Who were the anarchists?

Anarchists believed governments and laws are not necessary and hold  that countries that are self governed are best. They rebel against  authority. The State is considered u

Are skaters anarchist?

  Skaters are people who skate; there is not any inherent connection between the activity of skateboarding and any political or social belief.   An anarchist is someone