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Is Titan on the reality TV show 'Big Brother' a real person or a robot?

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Taunting Titan? According to the website of Channel4, there is a person inside Titan. However, the robot is also mechanically assisted. (See Related Link below.)

Titan the robot confuses the "Big Brother" viewers:

  • The Titan project does not use a human in a suit under that plate metal and technology. Many people believe there is a human-being under that suit. There is not enough room for a person to pilot the suit due to all of the hardware used to mechanize Titan. This robot is controlled by remote control, but the head is automatically moving. The head focuses on the closest object to it. The voice process is used also by a selection of comedy and music to interact with people.

  • No. Titan the robot is the stage name of an android costume. There is a person inside Titan; he is not a real robot, but an actor's costume playing a robot.

  • It probably is a man in a suit. Fair enough. But even so, it's still a pretty cool robot!! it's just being controlled inside - instead of outside.

  • If it is a robot, then it could never be a person.

  • I have to disagree with the answer. Look closely at it. You will notice that the chest piece is the front fairing and windshield from a motorcycle. The mirrored shield works as a one-way mirror. The person inside can look out, but nobody can see in. You will also notice that a lot of other parts on him are also pieces of motorcycle fairings. And yes, it is big enough to fit a person inside.

  • For sure there is a person in the titan suit. The company that produces the "android suit" says it is being controlled by a human being, but does not say where from. This is because they still want the titan to be viewed as a "robot" for entertaining purposes. Also after reviewing a video of titan you can see that there is a one way mirror on the front of titan that sits about eye level to must people. Also where the forearm sits on titan is where the arms of the operator fit into and is "masked" by some kind of black tubing from the shoulder to the forearm. I imagine the operator has control of the fingers with the movements of the body. The head may be controlled by someone else entirely. This can be done when the controller of the body walks directly up to someone (which he always does) and then the controller of the head does his stuff. Or maybe there is a small part of titan that is controlled by robotics and programs that would be the head. I doubt the company will reveal any of this and I wouldn't blame them.
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