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When making a decision about an investment I would always reccommend you look at guarantees! Whole life....Guaranteed. Variable Whole Life.....? If you are going to make investments in variable then why would you not buy Mutual Funds? You still need life insurance for protection and as a plan of completion, I would just look closely at Variable. EVERYONE needs whole life.
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What is variable universal life insurance?

Variable universal life insurance combines the flexibility of auniversal life insurance with the investment account features of avariable life insurance. Like variable life in

What is whole life insurence?

  Whole life insurance is a life insurance policy thast remains in full force and effect for the life of the insured, with premium payments being made for the same period.

What is whole life insurance?

Whole life insurance gives you lifetime coverage at a premium rate that does not increase with your age after you buy. In the early years of the policy, when you're a low risk

What is adjustable whole life insurance?

Adjustable whole life insuranceAdjustable whole life insurance allows you to vary your coverage as your insurance needs change. You normally choose the face amount you need an

What is variable life insurance?

%REPLIES%       Answer         Variable life insurance differs from whole life insurance and universal life insurance in that policy owners direct

Can you cash whole life insurance in?

  You can but make sure it is the correct thing to do. Once cashed it you can never get it back. Depending on your age (over 45) and the policy value, you may get more mon

Is whole life insurance a security?

Whole Life insurance is not a security. Because there is a guaranteed cash value during any year the policy is in force there is no risk of loss of principle (unlike a securit

Why is Saga insurance a good investment?

Saga Insurance is a good investment. Seniors and older people may find that a fixed income investments comes with less financial risk. It allows them to have a fixed monthly i

What are the characteristics of variable life insurance?

Variable life insurance is a form of life insurance which protects the beneficiary upon death. The main advantage to this type of life insurance is that this insurance allows

Why is whole life insurance not the best insurance to have?

Whole life insurance is not necessarily bad but it may not be right for you as it can be substantially more expensive than a term insurance. If you need life insurance but don

What is graded whole life insurance?

  It is a cash value policy with a death benefit that gradually increases to the full death benefit over time usually a period of 3 years. This type of policy is offered t

What does whole life insurance mean?

Whole life insurance, as the name implies, is insurance which provides coverage for the policyholder's entire lifetime. Whole life policies can be divided into two categories

What is term and whole life insurance?

Term insurance is written for a specific period of time or until an age certain (the term). It may be for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or it may be until age 60, 65, 70, etc. At