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Is West Virginia a workers compensation insurance monopolistic state?

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It was until July 1, 2008. It is now a private market.
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How do you spell workers compensation insurance?

The correct spelling of the form of insurance is Workers' Compensation.

What is the difference between unemployment insurance and workers compensation?

Unemployment is available to folks who lost their last job through no fault of their own, and are actively seeking new employment. Workers comp is a social insurance that pay

Do you need workers compensation insurance for a church in California?

Yes - California requires Workers' Comp for ALL employers and for ALL employees, and most volunteers meet California's definition of employee - for example, if you so much as

Why can't you name and additional insured on Workers Compensation?

Because this form is designed for general liability policies because the insurer is obligated to defend and indemnify that additional insured in accordance with the policy ter

How long can you get unemployment compensation in the state of West Virginia?

You have 52 weeks, during which time to receive 26 times your weekly benefit. Therefore, before extensions, due to the economy, you would collect for 26 weeks. If the state su

Which states don't require workers compensation?

  All states require WC, but there is some confusion because some have exemptions or because Texas makes the *insurance* voluntary. Texas is the only voluntary state.  

Can a worker opt out of workers compensation insurance?

Workers' Compensation varies from state to state, so you really need to check what your local state law allows.    However, as a general rule, if you are injured on the