Is a annuity check considered earned income?

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An annuity check would be a part of your unearned income amount on your federal 1040 income tax return.
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Is a scholarship considered earned income?

Most scholarships are NOT taxable. If part of your tuition was paid for by a scholarship, it is not taxable. However, if your scholarship or fellowship provided housing, trave

What is a income annuity?

This is a type of plan that will make scheduled payments of income to you over a period of time that you choose by making an investment into the annuity plan. You can find som

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Yes it is taxable income that has to be reported as such on your 1040 income tax return. For the tax year 2009 the first 2400 of unemployment compensation received will not be

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Any type of payment that you worked for would be Earned income it can be any type of payment items, money, bartering, self employment, any type of payment or property, etc tha

Is an insurance settlement considered earned income?

no only if you are actually gaining. for example, if you settled for $4000 because someone decided to do something dumb, and that is how much that cost to repair, then it w

Do you pay taxes on income earned in an annuity?

If the annuity is a non qualified tax deferred annuity (an annuity that taxes were paid on the money before they were placed into the annuity) you will pay taxes on any intere