Is a cocker spaniel a breed of dog?

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Yes it is.
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Are Cocker Spaniels dogs with children? you mean "Are Cocker Spaniels good with children?" If that's what you mean, then yes, the breed is known for being good with children, generally.. yes, i have a cocke

Are cocker spaniels good dogs to have?

If you can train it well!they bite alout too! i know because i had one! Adding more info: Short story is no, they're not good dogs to have. There's nothing good about man

Is a cocker spaniel a good breed of dog?

\nyes and no. they are good dogs, however when they get older, they tend to get mean and cranky. this isn't the case with all, but many that i have seen. so this may not be th

Can a chihuahua and cocker spaniel breed?

probably...quite by accident our 6 year old cocker spaniel, Lillie, who has never had babies bred with my daughters 18 month old chihuaua, yes they can. She should

What is the smallest cocker spaniel dog?

Cockers are generally between 13 to 15" tall and 15 to 30 pounds. The smallest I have seen was 11" tall and 10 pounds at 2 yrs of age. Many people call smaller Cockers mini co

What other dog breeds do cocker spaniels mix well with or are two cockers together better?

There are many different types of dogs that you can breed with a Cocker Spaniel. A pure bred Cocker is a great breed by itself, too.. Here are some Cocker Spaniel mixed breed

Is the smartest breed of dogs a cocker spaniel?

Answer: No, the smartest breed of dog is the Lab Retriever(mix). Another Answer: You will find many lists of the top ten smartest dog breeds and they will vary, but

Does the Cocker Spaniel breed of dog shed hair?

All dogs shed hair. If shedding or hair on your clothing are going to be problems for you, then a Cocker Spaniel may not be the best breed choice for you. They require plenty

What breed of cocker spaniel is the biggest?

The English Cocker Spaniel is slightly larger than the American Cocker Spaniel. The breed standard for the English is 15-17 inches in height, weighing 28-34 pounds. The Amer

Are Cocker spaniels dogs dangerous?

They are not they are very kind and loyal to people all around them I used to have one ya know. Another answer No, they are not dangerous but Cocker spaniels are high str

What are the breed standards for cocker spaniels?

Official Kennel Club breed standard for English Cocker Spaniels is as follows: General Appearance Merry, sturdy, sporting; well balanced; compact; measuring approximately s

How big do cocker spaniels dog?

Male Cocker Spaniels Height: 15 1/2 inches. Female Cocker Spaniel's Height: 14 1/2 inches. Their Weight Range from: 15-30 pounds. Some, Cocker Spaniel's are know