Is a condominium a single family or a multi family dwelling?

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It all depends. Legally, a condominium is simply a form of real estate ownership, regardless of its structure. Marinas can be condominiums, and in fact, the continent of Antarctica is listed as a condominium. As well, commercial properties can be condominiums.

The answer depends on who's 'looking' at the property. A bank, for example, may acknowledge it as a condominium, and thereby apply certain rental percentage limits on the association before giving a loan to purchase the property.

As an owner, you can consider it a multi-family dwelling, since you have neighbors 'a wall' away from your home. Your insurance, for example, should dovetail with the master insurance policy that covers real estate you own in common with other owners. As well, you are required to abide by the CC&Rs contained in the governing documents, and pay monthly assessments.

As a public utility, you can define and categorize a condominium any way you want to -- apparently. In some small, rural communities, public utilities choose to regard condominiums as 'single family homes' for the purposes of exacting higher sewer and water fees from these owners than it offers apartment owners, who may pay a lower rate.

If yours is a dwelling that looks like a single family home, but all the land under all the homes in the development is owned in common with all other owners, you may live in your home as though it were a single family home, but you may also have restrictions as to how you paint or decorate the exterior, and you may also have CC&Rs that you must abide by.
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