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Is a drug free water birth safer than giving birth in a hospital room?

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no because it does not have all the doctors and nerses in it
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You failed a drug test at hospital after giving birth what happens now?

You probably stand a very good chance of losing your baby. Congratulations on your decisions. Plus, whatever you took while pregnant also went into your baby. So, again, congr

Is cesarian safer than vaginal birth?

this could be debated its bascically what u and ur doctor think is best for the baby. personally i think a vaginal birth is safer.

How do you give birth under water?

You're not actually completely underwater. Normally half of your body will be submerged in a warm pool. You could be in a sitting position or on all fours.

Is c-section safer than vaginal birth?

I'd recommend doing some research and come to a conclusion of you own. Some good starting places would be reading "Pushed" by Jennifer Block and watching Ricki Lake's document

What kind of drug testing do they do when you give birth?

They test for any illegal drug use, or any other drugs that may be a hazard for the infant. However, they do not always drug test when you give birth, as it is not a routine.