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Is a gardenia a monocot?

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No, a gardenia isn't a monocot. It's a member of the class that's called Eudicotyledon. The eudicots are known as true dicots.
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When do you trim gardenias?

Gardenias are best pruned just after they have finished flowering. Leaving it too much later than this affects the number of blooms in the following season.

How do you beat gardenia?

you can catch a ponyta and evolve it ,you can use prinplups peck ,or train some Pokemon so they can become stronger(im training a budew).

Picture of gardenia?


What is a gardenia?

"Gardenia" is the name of a flower. It is small, white, and has a  waxy texture. The flower smells very sweet. It grows on a bush with  dark green, shiny leaves.