Is a gold crown better than a regular crown?

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I am a licensed dentist specializing in gold dentistry with over 20 years experience, and have been teaching dental students at two Philadelphia universities for much of my career. I would also like to elaborate on some advantages of gold crowns, especially for back teeth outside the "esthetic zone" (for those patients who prefer the look of natural teeth).

Gold is the most biocompatible non-toxic material used in dentistry today. It is non-corrosive and hypo-allergenic. Gold's wear rates and coefficient of thermal expansion is very similar to enamel, and thus achieves a better natural fit. Gold margins do not break or chip even when thinned and polished. As mentioned before, less tooth structure is removed when preparing teeth for gold, which leaves the tooth stronger and healthier.

The greatest advantage of using gold is its longevity, which can actually make it LESS costly in the long run. Gold easily outlasts other materials three to five times longer. When describing other materials, dentists talk in terms of years of service. When talking about gold, we speak in terms of decades of service. This idea is not lost on discerning patients and it is a huge motivating factor for them to select gold.

For cast gold and gold foil restorations to achieve decades of service, they must be placed with the highest levels of skill and precision, so it is important to seek a dentist who has quality experience with the required techniques. Using RV Tucker techniques can produce a "margin" so tight that the gap next to the gold crown is less than the diameter of the bacteria that can cause future decay and damage after the crown is completed! More information can be found in the detailed articles at <>

Well, actually I am a licensed dentist with a double dental degree and would like to improve on the answer a little bit.

Depending upon what one would like to achieve, one crown can offer benefits over the other. For example, PFM (porcelain fused to metal) and ceramic crowns (both which appear white) obviously have an advantage in aesthetic locations (front teeth). However, they do require more natural tooth structure to be shaved off which theoretically would weaken the tooth structure internally.
Therefore, in locations where aesthetics is not important (back teeth) gold crowns are far better than PFMs and ceramic crowns as they require much less shaving off of the tooth, hence a stronger internal structure.
All in all, the margin integrity is all very important in all types of crowns.
I hope I have made this point a little clearer.

The answer to your question is no. The fit is the most important thing when it comes to a crown of any type. The margins MUST fit perfect, NOT to allow any plaque (bacteria) from getting in and under the crown, which will eventually turn to decay.(This is because you cannot get in and under the crown where the leakage is to remove the plaque (bacteria).

FIRST, metal of all kinds expands with hot and cold, if the dentist uses a "regular" crown which is a porcelain (tooth colored material on the top) fused to metal crown (metal coping under the procelain for strength), it is best if he uses HIGH NOBLE METAL (less Nickle/Tin metals, MORE gold/silver). If he just uses the Noble Metal (cheap stuff), the expansion of hot and cold is much greater and could cause leakage in the future. Gold is just as good, but the esthetics are not. So that part is up to you and how you want it to look, like a real tooth, or like a gold tooth? In our office in Aventura Florida there is no price difference for either. (if you do choose the porcelain fused to High Noble Metal crown, ask your dentist to have a Porcelain Butt Margin added to it, this will help you avoid those ugly black lines around the margin (by the gumline) of the tooth as we age, or if you get any gum recession)
NOW, there are FULL Ceramic Crowns for ANTERIOR TEETH (Front Teeth) Those I would HIGHLY rec'd to you if you are getting it in the front!!! They look the most real! But, we do not rec'd them if you have a strong bite or if you grind to use them in the Posterior (back) teeth.
I hope I have helped you. Just ask yourself and your dentist these following questions;

#3 If I choose the porcelain ("regular") crown will it be HIGH Noble Metal? And do you do Porcelain Butt Margins? (There may be an added charge for the Porcelain Butt Margin, but again WELL WORTH IT)
Good Luck! :) P.S. You still have to brush and floss them like your normal teeth, they still can go bad if you don't no matter how good the fit!

I am also a Certified Dental assistant. The first answer to this is by far the best one. The only Medal you want to use is Gold. All other medals will basically rust. Gold expands and contracts closest to your natural tooth. Porcelain crowns hold bacteria (can cause bad breath), they are made of the same stuff porcelain plates are made of. Most of all Porcelain fused to medal or all Porcelain will cause the dentist to take off much more healthy tooth (not very conservative). Porcelain crowns destroy the opposing tooth regardless of fit. ** MOST OF ALL porcelain crowns only last about 3-5 years. Dentist like to give porcelain because they know its good dental business. They know you will be back soon to get a crown on the opposing tooth and back in a few years to replace the porcelain crown with a root canal. There is a reason you can walk up to a older person and they have a 50 year old gold crown in with no issues.

If you are a person that cares about how the gold will appear, then simply go for the white porcelain crown. However, it will not last as long as a gold crown will. Gold is much more reinforced and can sustain as you chew on foods. Trust me my first bite felt awkward but you will get used to it. I recommend gold to anyone unless looks matter to you and there's nothing wrong with that.
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