Is a hairdryer convection or conduction?

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Hair dryers use heating element and motor-driven fan to convert electric energy into convective heat.
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Conduction and convection?

Conduction and convection are two of the methods of heat transfer. Conduction, also known as diffusion is the movement of heat between objects in physical contact with each o

What is conduction and convection?

Conduction is the movement of electricity and/or heat throughsomething. Convection is the transfer of heat through movement inan already heated gas or liquid.

How do you beat conduction and convection radiation?

the form of heat transfer in which the energy is transferred from one molecule to another is called conduction. the mode in which the molecules get transported during the heat

How is convection different to conduction?

Convection is the actual movement of the molecules from one object to another. Typically, we think of heat moving through air. Consider a toaster, also known as a convection o

What is the relationships of radation conduction and convection?

radiation is heat transfer through light (both visible and not). with a nuclear bomb, surrounding distant flammeables combust because of ir radiate d infrared energy. conducti

Why is radiation different to conduction and convection?

because, RADIATION occurs only in vaccum.. It does not require a medium to travel... where as conduction and convection require medium to travel. CONDUCTION: heat transfer bet
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How does the the process of convection rely on conduction?

Convection, the transfer of heat in fluids (gases or liquids), ultimately relies on conduction (the transfer of heat energy through contact) between the molecules composing th