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Is a hairdryer convection or conduction?

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Hair dryers use heating element and motor-driven fan to convert electric energy into convective heat.
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How is convection different from conduction?

Conduction happens when heat moves from one object to another through direct contact and convection happens when matter carries heat from one place to another. ( I really hop

How does convection differ from conduction?

Well it differs in this way. Conduction is when heat is applied to an object and causes mainly the point of contact to be heated. For example lighting a match under a metal ro

How does conduction differ from convection?

Conduction warms the atmosphere as fast-moving molecules come into contact with lower-energy molecules until all molecules are moving at about the same rate. As the atmosphere

How does the process of convection rely on conduction?

The process convection would not be able to happen without a  conductor. This is because the heat has to be able to travel  through something.

How is conduction convection and radiation alike?

Conduction, Convection, and radiation are all ways that heat can be transferred between 2 objects. Conduction is transfer by direct contact like when you cook something on the

Differences between convection and conduction?

Convection is a natural process that occurs in nature all the time, and even in your kitchen. Take a pot of boiling water for example. the water closer to the flame becomes ho

Conduction and convection?

Conduction and convection are two of the methods of heat transfer. Conduction, also known as diffusion is the movement of heat between objects in physical contact with each o
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How is radiation different from convection and conduction?

 radiation can propagate through empty space from the hot source  to the cool sink  convection requires movement of a fluid (e.g. water, air) from  the hot source to the
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Is barbecuing radiation convection or conduction?

Barbecuing, depending on what specific process it is referring to, could be either radiation, convection, or conduction. Radiation is when energy is released in the form of a
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Is a fire convection conduction or radiation?

A fire is the transformation of chemical energy into thermal  energy. The fire gives off thermal energy in the following ways:    Convection - it heats the air which ri