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Is a house which is jointly owned by a girlfriend and a boyfriend at risk if the girlfriend doesn't pay her credit card debt?

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It could be. The wording of the title and state laws would decide if a forced sale could be implemented. More than likely the house is considered owned by Tenants In Common. The homestead exemption would also be a factor. The creditors could definitely place a lien against the girlfriend's share of the property.
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Who pays credit card debt if you die?

The debt will be paid from your estate. If there isn't enough, then the debt is discharged. The debt itself will not pass on to next of kin but a sizable debt might mean none

If I pay off a credit card debt for someone using my own credit card does anyone have to pay tax on it?

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How to pay credit card debt online?

There are many ways of paying one's credit card debt online. Most banks and financial institutions allow one to pay one's bills online through their official websites.

What happens if you cannot pay off your credit card debt?

Most people know credit cards are unsecured debt(s). And some are under the mistaken idea that the companies have no recourse if a card holder defaults. That is, of course not

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The best way of approaching credit card debt is by consolidating all your credit card debt (assuming you have more than one credit card) into one account. This will obviously

Do you still have to pay a credit card debt after seven years?

  Old CC Debts     Unless there are some unusual circumstances, the answer would be a resounding YES.     You might be confusing this issue with the amount

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Most likely your bank. If you have been a valueable customer for many years and never left them no matter how much they charged you on overdraft fees, they will most likely gi

Can my girlfriend claim half the house if we were to break up if i own it and she is just paying me rent?

  I think not. It really makes no sense that she could, especially if she's just a girlfriend, but some places have such crazy laws... if you're worried that she might try

In Texas can you buy a house and then declare bankruptcy to clear credit card debt so you can afford to pay the mortgage on the house?

Yes, but it is also called "Fraud." ans Well EVERYTHING you own and EVERTHING you owe is included in your free buthole and the BK. You do not pick and chose, you lie and c