Is a judgment for non payment of permanent alimony lienable or garnishable?

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Can the collection company have you arrested or garnish your wages for non payment?

You cannot be arrested for owing money. If a collection rep. even hints at such an action being taken against you. She/he is in violation of Federal/State laws, and can be in

If you set up payment on a judgment can they still garnish your bank account?

They can put a lien on your house if own one. Getting a judgment doesn't require you to be there. It does mean that if you default on your payments they can take the property,

Is Florida an alimony garnishment state?

At present four U.S. states - North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas - do not allow wage garnishment at all except for debts related to taxes, child support, f

Is there jail time for non payment of alimony?

No. Not exactly. If alimony is owed, it is a matter of court order. That is a judge ordered the defendant to pay alimony for a specific amount of time to the plaintiff. If the

Can a judgment garnish child support payments?

Not sure in what context you mean, but yes a court order can garnish your wages for child support. IF the custodial parent has filed a support order and paternity has been est

Maximum garnishment for alimony in Illinois?

what is the maximum percentage or $ for garnishment of wages for alimony in illinois. I have fully completed child support and am continuing to pay for their colleges. I am

How does non-payment of judgment affect credit?

Obviously, it is not going to be a good, positive thing for your credit rating. But you really need to be more concerned as to HOW this judgment might be enforced. In many sta

Can Alimony be garnished from wages?

Yes. However, the Consumer Credit Protection Act limits the amount. Your wages can be garnished up to a maximum of 50% to cover child and/or spousal support if you are support