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Is a line segment character of a perpendicular bisect?

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Can a segment bisect a line?

No. Since a line is infinite, it has no mid-point. A bisector must go through a midpoint so nothing can bisect a line (not even a segment).

What does it mean to bisect a line segment?

Basically the definition of bisect is to separate two parts of a line segment to create two congruent line segments, which leads to them being equal.

What does it mean to bisect an angle or a line segment?

∠PQR Where PQR form an angle and Q is the angle's vertex. The bisection is the line that goes between the lines QP and QR Bisection is a mathematical tool to find the

What are perpendicular line segments?

Perpendicular line segments are line segments that cross with each other and form angles of 90 degrees.