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Short answer, no. You can go towards earing your doctoral degree after receiving your bachelors however, be prepared. You will need to take loads more credit hours than someone who has their masters. Do some research about the programs at the university you intend on attending. Additional info on this In the middle of your PhD they will grant you a MA, so essentially you are working towards a MA. May I suggest you do one and then do the other. Having done both degrees I found the PhD stressful and it takes concentration/dedication to finish. I did the MA in less than 2 years and the PhD in 3.5 years. If you are working and have a family be aware that doing grad work also takes a toll on the family as well. Just know this going in because many people do not take these factors into consideration before they start grad work and either never finish or have family problems. I guess that is why only 1% of the United States have PhD's.
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