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Is a potato a vegetable?

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Yes, the potato is a considered a root vegetable.
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To what other vegetables are potatoes related?

Potatoes are part of the Solanaceae family, which also includes paprika, chili peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants. Also included in the family are non-vegetable plants such as J (MORE)

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Is a potato a vegetable or a starch?

It is a vegetable, Although considered a starch due to it's High Carbohydrate (and Calorie) Content, and ability to be used for breads. A potato is 7% resistant Starch.

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What is potato a fruit or vegetable?

The potato is definatly not a fruit because it is not derived form the ovule of a plant. It is infact a root. The definition of a vegetable is any edibal part of a plant there (MORE)

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Sweet potato fruit or vegetable?

Sweet potatoes are large, sweet-tasting root vegetables. Fruits, on  the other hand, are part of flowering plants.
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Are potatoes a vegetable or fruit?

Neither, potatoes belong to a group of plants known as the Solanaceae family. The family includes Datura (Jimson weed), mandrake, deadly nightshade (belladonna), capsicum (pap (MORE)

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Are sweet potatoes a vegetable or starch?

  Potatoes are a root vegetable. They are a starchy vegetable. I'm guessing that your question is diet related. So, in a balanced meal, you would not have a starchy vegeta (MORE)