Is a potato a vegetable or a starch?

It is a vegetable, Although considered a starch due to it's High Carbohydrate (and Calorie) Content, and ability to be used for breads. A potato is 7% resistant Starch.

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Are potatoes vegetables?

Botanically, yes, they are a vegetative plant organ. Potatoes are the tuber (root) of a fruit bearing plant. But nutritionally potatoes are considered a starch/carbohydrate an

Is a potato chip a vegetable?

Yes, it is made from a vegetable. There are two types of potato chips. There is a (usually) cold potato chip, also called a potato crisp, which is made from a very thin slice

Is a potato a vegetable or a tuber?

A potato is a tuber. Although technically a vegetable is just a part of a plant that is edible apart from fruit or seeds. So it could be argued as both really or you could jus
Is a potato a vegetable or a fruit?

Is a potato a vegetable or a fruit?

Neither. Potato is actually a substitute for carbohydrates like rice, wheat, maize etc. In many parts of the world it is used as a main food. Traditionally many places it is u