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Is a rhombus always a rectangle yes or no?

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Is a square always a rectangle and rhombus?

  Yes, a square is a specific type of rectangle or rhombus. The only qualifications for a rectangle are that the corners have the make 90 degree angles and the sides have

Why can a rectangle be a rhombus?

A rectangle is a four-sided shape, a parallelogram. Since a rhombus is a parallelogram then it is also a rectangle in a sense. Along with a square, it is a type of rectangle.

Is a rhombus a rectangle?

No. A rhombus is more like a diamond than a rectangle. A rectangle is straight while a rhombus is more slant-y. Both have parallel lines. not necessarily. but all rectangles

Is a rectangle sometimes always or never a rhombus?

A rectangle is never a rhombus. A rhombus does not have right angles, but a rectangle does. Definition: rectangle - a parallelogram having four right angles. rhombus - an eq

A rectangle a rhombus?

That depends on the rectangle. If it is a square, then yes, it is also a rhombus. Otherwise, it would be a parallelogram.

Can a rhombus be a rectangle?

No.  All four sides of a rhombus are of the same length.