Is a shot glass a jigger?

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Yes. It is double sided shot glass. It can hold one ounce on one side and if you flip it over, it can hold two ounces. It kind of looks like an hour glass.
Check out the link below for some pictures.
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What is a jigger?

I think a jigger is an American cattle parasite on the skin surface? no that's a chigger A jigger is a 1 oz shot glass on one side and a 2 oz shot glass on the other looks kin

How much does a shot glass cost?

Shot glasses cost averaged between $2 to $10. However, note that shot glasses from places such as colleges, hotels, and high tourist destinations will be more expensive. One's

Why do you tap your shot glass on the table?

I learned that the tapping of the shot glass originated as an Irish tradition. All liquors are considered spirits and those spirits are believed to have adverse effects on a p

Is a shot of vodka and jigger of vodka the same?

Yes, a jigger is a type of instrument used to measure a shot. Jiggers come in various sizes. The two most common are 1 oz, called a "pony" which is less than a shot, and the r

Is a shot glass an ounce?

There is no such thing as a "regular size" shot glass. The variety and varying sizes available is mind numbing. Depending on preference, typical shot glasses range from 1 oz.U
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What is the capacity of the average shot glass?

There are a few common shot glass sizes. The most common shot glass is known as a jigger. A jigger contains 1.5 ounces. Then there's a double shot. A double contains 3 ounces.