Is a soldered fitting better then a threaded fitting?

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Depends on what you are doing. soldered is for copper water lines. Threaded can be for water, gas, or anything else.
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Can you solder a brass fitting to copper?

Certainly look up Flagg Flow T.P Fittings T.P thread-less copper fittings will FIT on schedule 40/80 /120 Brass pipe Ideally it should be brazed but soldering will hold dom

How do you prepare copper pipes or fittings for soldering?

Clean the ends of the pipe and the fitting with either a wire brush for the size pipe, sand paper or emery cloth or steel wool. It really doesn't matter as long as you get rid

How do you solder copper to brass fittings?

Take either an SOS pad or a wire brush and rough up both the inside of the brass fitting and outside of copper pipe, put the copper pipe into the fitting and solder around it.

How unix is the best fit for the multi threading?

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Why is thread seal not used on flared fitting?

Flared fittings use a flare and a nipple for the sealing surface.The threads do not serve any purpose as to actually sealinganything. The threads merely hold the flare of the