Is a straight flush and royal flush the same thing in poker?

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In Poker
A straight flush is five cards in sequence of the same suit. A royal flush is a type of a straight flush where the cards are 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of the same suit. The royal flush is the highest ranking hand in poker.

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What are the odds of getting a straight flush?

With 5 cards:. Straight Flush: approx 72,192 to 1. Royal Flush: 649,740 to 1. With 6 cards: . Straight Flush: approx 12293 to 1. Royal Flush: 108289 to 1. With 7 cards: . Straight Flush: approx 3590 to 1 . Royal Flush: 30939 to 1

What are the odds of flopping a straight flush?

The odds of being dealt a straight flsuh are 1 in 64,974 as for being dealt one on the flop.. Not sure.. . It depends on your hole cards. The best odds are with mid range suited connectors, specifically 45s to JTs.. For example, with 45s, you have 4 possible ways of flopping a straight flush (A23 (MORE)

What beats a flush in poker?

A flush (A 5 card combination of 5 cards of the same suit) can beat the following combinations. 1 Pair 2 pair 3 of a kind Straight A flush with a lower kicker.

What are the odds of getting a flush in poker?

There are many different types of poker, but the odds of getting 5 cards dealt to you and all being of the same suit for a flush are about 1:500. Here's some more odds under the same circumstances:\n. \nRoyal Flush 1:650,000\nStraight Flush 1:65,000\nFour of a Kind 1:4,000\nFull Hou (MORE)

What are flushes?

If you get flushes these are when you go from one feeling to another. boiling hot one minuite then freezing another.

What beats a Royal Flush?

Nothing beats a Royal Flush. It is the highest hand you can get in poker. you can if you have a royal flush as well but having all of your hearts the same symbol and the ace... that's a higher royal flush... but only if your player has a diamond royal flush you see symbols also have power as well ha (MORE)

What are the odds of a royal flush on the board?

4 different kinds of royal flushes, 5 cards each. ***NOTE this takes into account that no one has any hole cards.. Im doing the math with a full 52 card deck**** The first flop card has to be one of those 20 royal flush cards in the deck of 52 so the probability of that hitting is 20/52 Once (MORE)

Which wins in poker straight or a flush?

There are 10 hand rankings in poker and the flush is number 5, a straight number 6 in descending order of strength, therefore the flush is a better hand than the straight.

What is the flush in poker?

a flush is any 5 cards that are suited eg.. Ace of spades. 9 of spades. 3 of spades. J of spades. 6 of spades. its ranked by the highest suited card you have if you have the ace high flush youll win if you have a Queen high flush and some has a King high flush you will lose.. then there is a (MORE)

In poker what is the origin of the word flush?

Long before the advent of poker in 1834, "hand of cards all of one suit," 1529, perhaps from Middle French 'flus' (15c.), from Old. French flux "a flowing," with the sense of "a run" (of cards), from Latin. fluxus "flow," from fluere "to flow" (see 'fluent'; easily flowing)

What are the odds of a royal flush and a straight flush being dealt in the same hand?

Assuming that they are the only two hands being dealt, that each player gets five cards each only, and that there is no switching (because otherwise the maths gets too complicated):. The odds of the first player getting a royal flush are four in 311875200, or one in 78 million (1/77968800 to be pre (MORE)

What are the odds of a royal flush?

For regular poker it is combin(4,1)/combin(52,5) or 649739 : 1 For holdem: Choose suit, choose 5 of 5 cards(10JQKA), choose 2 of remaining 47 (numerator) out of a total of choose 7 of 52 cards (denominator), so you get combin(4,1)* combin (5,5) * combin( 47,2)/combin(52,7) Answer is 1 in (MORE)

Do flushes count in low ball poker?

It depends on the particular lowball form being played. In the most common form "ace-to-five low" they are not counted (nor are straights). In this form then the cards 5-4-3-2-A is the best hand regardless of suit. In another, less common form, "ace-to-six low" the straights and flushes do count. (MORE)

When 4 of a kind hits the board in holdem and that is best hand no straight flush or royal flush what happens?

Hands are always formed with 5 cards, so even with four a kind a fifth card is required to form the hand. With the four of a kind no the board in hold'em every player will take their highest card to form the hand. This highest card is their kicker, and the player with the highest kickers wins. If (MORE)

What is higher flush or straight?

A flush is higher than a straight. There are 10 hand rankings, in descending order: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4 of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, 3 of a Kind, 2 pair, 1 pair, No pair High card only

What are the odds of hitting a royal flush in video poker holding a king of hearts and a jack of hearts and drawing three cards?

Since it's video poker, we can assume that the only cards drawn are the ones you started with. There are exactly 47 cards left in the deck. There are 6 series of draws you can get that will give you ace, queen, and 10 (3!, or 3x2x1). The number of sequences of 3 cards in a 47 card deck is 47!/44!, (MORE)

Does anything beat royal flush?

No, the royal flush is generally the highest hand in the game of poker. However, in few game types of poker where wild cards are included, a hand of five aces will beat a royal flush.

How hard is it get a royal flush?

, Well, very. It is about 5/52 X 4/51 X 3/50 X 2/49 X 1/48 = 1/2,598,960 One in 2.6 Million hands is not very good odds. Do not count on it. Hope I Helped

How do you get a flush on governor of poker?

The same way as in any other poker game. A flush consists of 5 cards of the same suit. If the 5 cards of the same suit are connected (56789 of spades for instance) you've got a straight flush.

How do you make a royal flush?

With a royal flush you have to have a 10, jack, queen, king, and ace of the same suit (hearts, clubs, spades, diamonds).

Does spades royal flush beat a hearts royal flush in poker?

This depends on the house rules. By standard rules the spades royal flush does not beat the hearts royal flush, as they have an equal value. However some house rules state that in case of an equal hand, the suit decides the winner, in which case the spades are always higher then hearts.

Which royal flush suit is higest?

All the suits are the same. Edit: Unless you are playing a variant to 5 card poker. There are poker games in which the suit counts in case of an even hand. The highest suit in such cases is most often - if not always - Spades.

How do you calculate the probability of a royal flush?

First, we determine the total number of five card hands possible. Since there are 52 cards, we simply pick the first card 52 ways, then the second card 51 ways, then the third card 50 ways, then the fourth card 49 ways, and finally the fifth card 48 ways. This gives a total of 52*51*50*49*48. Since (MORE)

What is a royal flush in a poker hand?

A Royal Flush Is the strongest hand in most poker variations that do not include wild cards. It consist of a five card sequence of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten all of the same suit. For examle Ten through Ace of hearts.

What is a straight flush in poker?

It is made of five cards, a combination of straight and flush. All five cards should be of same suit, and they should be in a sequence. However the sequence AKQJT is not a straight flush, but a special case being the highest hand and is called royal flush.

Does a royal flush beat 5 aces in poker?

The highest hand of Poker is the Royal flushand no other hand can beat it. Moreover, you cannot get 5 acesunless you are playing with two decks or more. Taken, that you win5 aces in a table, it is equal to four of a kind and the other cardis redundant. The other hands in a poker winning can be asfol (MORE)

What poker hand beats a straight flush?

No hand beats a straight flush unless you have a higher straight flush. If you have the Royal Flush (10-J-Q-K-A suited)then you have the best an unbeatable hand.