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Is a tiger a mammal?

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Yes. Mammals are animals that are warm-blooded, breathe with lungs, and feed their babies with milk.
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Is tiger a mammal?

The tiger is indeed a mammal, and it's a large one. This member of  the cat family is one of the most recognizable animals on the  planet, both for its distinctive striped f

Are tigers mammals?

Yes, they are. All cats are mammals of the suborder Feliforma and family Felidae.

Is the tiger a mammal?

Yes. Tigers are mammals. They giver birth to live cubs and feed them milk when they are young. Tigers are critically endangered due to hunting. They are carnivores and apex pr

Is a tiger a mammals?

Yes. It is warm blooded, has hair/fur, and breast feeds its young.

Is a white tiger a mammals?

yes it is it lives on land right? Living on land has nothing to do with being a mammal. Dolphins are mammals and they live in the water. Geckos live on land and are NOT mammal